by Linda Mark
by Linda Mark


When you hear of a performance enhancement drug (Smart drugs), your first guess is a highly addictive drug. Not every performance enhancement drug has a high dependence rate. Modafinil is a perfect example of smart drugs that fit these profile.

Unlike some other cognitive enhancement drug types and their derivatives, e.g., amphetamines, Modafinil operates independently of the dopaminergic system involved in stimulating dependence via opioids hence reducing the tendency of addiction. This operation means the drug doesn’t affect the part of the body that induces craving.


Modalert is a derivative of Modafinil. In other words, it’s safe to call Modalert a generic product made with the same formulae with different brand names as Modafinil. Therefore, the most significant difference between both brands is the price; Modalert is priced a little cheaper than Modafinil. The principal function of the drug is to treat drowsiness caused by narcolepsy. Modalert produced by the pharmaceutical giants, Sun pharmaceuticals coming in packs of 100mg, 200mg, and 400mg.

Though Modalert is originally meant to treat narcolepsy and its prescribed by doctors for that purpose, Modalert is often used by many as a cognitive enhancement drug to enhance their performance during night times. It is used by the US military to stay awake during long spanning missions. It is also used by students when they want to study for long and remain active.


Someone interested in using smart drugs will undoubtedly want to know which to purchase between Modafinil and Modalert. The main difference is the brand and the price. Provigil is the producer of Modafinil while the Sun Pharmaceuticals are the producers of Modalert. Apart from these Modalert is quite cheaper than Modafinil even though they produced from the same chemicals.

Thanks to the internet and online drug stores like RXShopMD, you can easily buy Modalert from the convenience of your bed.


Like every other drug, Modalert often operates by binding with body receptors. However, Modalert has a distinct mode of operation by working with unique sets of receptors known as “dopamine transport receptors.” These receptors regulate the amount of dopamine the neurons take in. This action results in a reduction in dopamine concentration.

Studies have shown that dopamine is the hormone that drives brain action. Thus, Modalert operates by regulating the dopamine secreted by the body to just the required level to increase wakefulness. Though Cocaine operates with a similar process and gives similar effects, it is at a higher degree than Modalert. Modalert gives a regulatory effect thus reducing dependence tendency to the barest minimum, but cocaine is much more unregulated and therefore highly addictive.

Though that’s not the only difference between Modalert and cocaine, this article is not geared towards that end. Modalert also boosts cognitive functions by increasing the level of orexin, norepinephrine, and histamine secreted in the brain. This process gives a regulated and balance to the brain wave activity (arousal periods) during sleep.


Most times Modalert is prescribed by doctors to a patient whose dopamine levels is below average or patients who suffers from low orexin or histamine secretion. However, many want to increase their productivity and have more control over their wakefulness. But are quite skeptical about purchasing Modalert from Rx.

The truth is that all is well, it all depends on the time it taken in. If you want to stay awake at night, then it's best to use it in the latter part of the day. However, this should not be done so often to prevent insomnia. Therefore, it's a best practice by many to use it at the earlier part of the day to ensure activeness at work all through.