How To Write Cause And Effect Essay

by lilly fergusson
by lilly fergusson

The word ‘cause and effect’ examines a particular situation and determine a casual relationship.

Read the essay carefully, and try to find out the reason behind the context of the essay, its cause and what effect does it leaves behind. This type of essay is most commonly used in the academic world.

For ex: a medical student may be asked to research about the mortality rate in areas where certain vaccines are unavailable.

There are three types of cause and effect essay:

1. Many Causes, One Effect

This means how causes from different fields can provide a single effect. Iof you have understood the topic on which the essay is written, you can easily identify the various causes leading to a particular effect.

2. One Cause, Many Effects

If you know the actual cause, you can pretty well list down the various effects. If you have in depth knowledge of the problem it will be help you in identifying the effects with no hurdle.

3. Chain Of Causes And Effects

It is difficult to determine a series of causes and their effects. For every cause you have to determine whether it has a single effect or multiple effects. It is challenging as well as interesting if you ca determine without any hurdle.

The structure of cause and effect essay includes Block Structure or the Chain Structure. According to study at grades fixer, in Block structure causes are determined first and then subsequent effects are identified, and in Chain Structure each and every cause has corresponding effects following it.

A Block Structure cause and effect essay can be represented as

Introduction > Cause1 > Cause1 2 > Transition Paragraph > Effect 1 > Effect 2 > Conclusion

A Chain Structure cause and effect essay can be represented as

Introduction > Cause1 & Effect 1 > Casuse1 & Effect 2 > Conclusion

When you are writing a cause and effect essay, you have to mention clearly what are the causes and its effects. They should be distinguished clearly.

Steps To Follow While Writing A Cause And Effect Essay

by lilly fergusson
by lilly fergusson
  1. You must know clearly the difference between cause and effect. Cause is the reason behind a situation and effect is the outcome of that situation. A cause may sometimes lead to multiple effects.
  2. Drafting the thesis statement properly will help you to understand whether you intend to discuss only the cause or its effects as well.
  3. You should organize your ideas by providing sufficient proof to support your claim. Your thesis statement should contain enough back up points to support your cause and effect. You can organize your thesis in chronological order, based on importance, based on category

You Can Follow The Below Chart To Organize Your Essay

The most important thing to remember in writing a cause and effect essay is the transition. You should me clear on this area so that the readers can well understand that you are switching from one area to another. If your transition is not clearly stated, readers may lose the flow and may not understand what you are actually portraying to them.