Life of Anonymous - Writing 2

Hey guys!

I actually got testweek right now and a maths test tomorrow but it was sunny outside sooo i sat outside with my book and then I thought ‘Hell yeah I’m gonna write about books’’. So here’s the thing: I’m a real book addict. And when I say real I mean really real. We have this website of the library and last time I watched I borrowed over 750 books and on my E-Reader are even more, oopss! The things with books is, it’s nice to leave this world for a while and because you have to keep your attention with the book, it’s impossible to stress about other stuff. It’s totally not weird they say it reduces stress. My teacher one time said to me: ‘’If you read for 5 minutes everyday, you know 1000 words more after one year.’’ And I like languages, so since then I was not only reading for fun, but also to grow. I don’t know if I’m the only one but if I see something in a book like something that happened in history, a disease or something with chemistry (‘cause I’m interested in that) and I don’t know about that subject, I usually go to Google to search what it means. I always want to know everything hahaha! But I have a few facts about books for you guys:

1. Attention span, since social media has grown, we only read short articles and messages. While reading a book, you have to keep the whole story in mind to understand the story, so reading extends your attention span.

2. Knowledge, as I told you. When I’m reading books I always want to know things I don’t know yet before I read further. This isn’t really needed, but if you read a book you’ll automatically learn new things or facts. So if you want to enlarge your general knowledge, books are perfect!

3. Sleep, yes really. You’ll probably know about the fact that the light of your phone, TV and computer is bad for sleep. So if you read a book instead of bingewatching your series on Netflix, you’ll sleep waaayyy better!

4. With some knowledge about literature, you’re better prepared for the future, because books include a lot of history, facts and other information you won’t have known about without reading books.

It’s nice to know a few excuses for postponing my homework from now on. My recently read books are: Sleep Well, Johnny Idaho, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Looking for Alaska and all the books of Tess Gerritsen (really you need to read these, it’s like bingewatching a series, except te fact you’re reading). Do you have a favourite book or a book with a story you’ll never forget?

Have a nice day!