Skydive Insider: TonFly

Today I would love to show you our very first episode of “Skydive Insider”…

Tonfly Factory

In October 2018 we visited Tonfly factory in a cosy place called Partizanske in Slovakia to show you how some of the most well-known custom helmets and suits are produced. I bet you or some of your closest skydiving buddies are using this gear or, at least, have ever jumped/flown with it. Tonfly factory is really a great and spectacular place to visit and the Tonfly team is unbelievable. We really admire how these guys work.

The idea behind the “Skydive Insider” is to show you the backstages of the Skydiving world. How gear is produced, how it is being tested and engineered, how dropzones and wind tunnels operate and what usually stays unseen, when you visit them as a flyer.

This is a “Did you know?” type of entertainment video that we hope to continue producing with your support. Let us know if you'd like to see more. Special thanks to Lesley from and Tonfly team! Blue skies!

This article was originally published on skydivemag