Sean Chuma: 5000 BASE Jumps 

Five rotations on a 5-way for Sean's 5,000th jump!

For his 5000th BASE jump, our friend Chuma went for 5 rotations on a 5 way, at his backyard object, the Perrine Bridge.

His stellar BASE career has spanned 11 years and 400 objects on 5 continents. Through it all, he has been a source of positive inspiration, spreading genuine stoke through the community and working to educate us not only on the technical aspects of the sport, but on a healthy and sustainable mindset - one that stresses humility and an open and inquisitive approach to BASE progression. Thank you Sean, for all you've done, we look forward to many more years and many thousands more jumps together! 

Video by Miles Daisher, with Marco Poko, Brent Idaho Clark, Ross Abblitt, Sean Chuma: Inter-Demented BASE instruction and exhibitions

This article was originally published on skydivemag