Rhythm: 3-way dives

SDC Rhythm's series of 3-way drill dives for honing skills, follow-up to last week's 2-way drill dives. The dives work on bodyflight basics and can be performed in the tunnel or in freefall. The 3-way sidebody exit is explained first.

All the moves (turns, side-slides, fall rate, etc) are demoed in the article, How to Fly Your Body. Go skydive!

EXIT: 3-way Sidebody

Diving, floating, head-jamming, exit count. Getting into a strong, confident, balanced stance in the door. Presenting to the relative wind before you leave the plane.

Jump 1: Open, Open, Open, Round

Building 90 degree angles. Walking the dive slowly, to focus on the skills. Walking, remembering and creeping the dive.

Jump 2: Flying Open

Flying around the 2-way group to build another open accordian. Stopping and taking a breath before taking grips. Visualizing yourself flying perfectly. Guarding fall rate.

Jump 3: Star 360 Star, Donut, Donut

Simultaneous 360 degree turns. Fundamental building blocks of FS - the star and the donut. Moving to position looking across the formation before looking at the grip. Avoiding back-up.

Jump 4: Rotating Pods

Practising outfacing skills by building pods. Maintaining references by looking to the other jumpers. Turning in place.

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