Fully Sponsored Sakura Cup

SAKURA CUP Invitational

31 March - 1 April 2018

The best dynamic teams in the world will be invited to an all-expenses paid, sponsored competition!

Opening ceremony of Flystation Japan, Tokyo — by Marat Daminov
Opening ceremony of Flystation Japan, Tokyo — by Marat Daminov

Dynamic flyers! Unite!

We have some great news. After over a year’s break, spent making dynamic an FAI-sanctioned event with official World Champion titles, we are back organizing our very own competition!

Next D4W stop : TOKYO, at Flystation Japan.

This competition will be special. The best eight teams in D4W and top eight teams in D2W will be invited to Japan for a week to compete. Their flights, accommodation and entry fees will be covered! The goal is to set a standard and initiate a yearly event, leading up to 2020, when we plan to host a competition at the same time as the Olympics, in an effort to bring Dynamic closer to this dream !


Training : March 26 - 30

Competition : March 31th - april 1st

(You can arrive before and leave after if you wish to check out this incredible country, which I highly recommend, but hotel from the organisation will be covered march 26 - April 2)


A Dynamic Flying competition, in D2W and D4W, using the same rules and divepool as the World championship in Canada.

We will have freestyle as demonstration and show, not competition. If you're interested, you may send an application too.

Opening ceremony, FlyStation Japan — by Marat Daminov
Opening ceremony, FlyStation Japan — by Marat Daminov


You have 2 months to send your application. We will be selecting eight teams in D4W and eight teams in D2W. Those will be the invited teams. If we receive more interest, we can consider opening the competition to more teams, but their flights and accommodation won't be covered.

You need to send your application by August 20th to domitillekiger@gmail.com with :

  • team name / team members’ names
  • brief presentation of the team and each members : years in the sport, experience indoor and eventually outdoor, previous competition results
  • training plan for the years

and answers to these questions:

  • do you have any competitions planned this year that you are already training for?
  • how many hours will you train for this competition (total training time from date of application till Sakura cup, including training time for other competition)
  • are you supported by a tunnel / entity? (if so, provide us with a letter from said tunnel or entity on how many hours they will be supporting you with)
  • will you get more training time on top of sponsored time and how much?
  • are you going to get team coaching and if yes by whom?
  • Do you have an alternate flyer in case one team member cannot attend the event after you’ve been selected?
  • what is your motivation to be part of the event?

Please provide pictures


The criteria we will be looking at :

  • seriousness and realism of the training plan (very important)
  • how long the team has been together or its members been competing/ flying in dynamic (level of experience as a team and as individuals, level of dedication to the dynamic adventure)
  • motivation, general attitude, level of awesomeness, and willingness to play the media game
  • variety of geographical origin

We want reliable teams, from all over the world, that will carry out training throughout the year, make it to the event, put on a fierce fight and an amazing show, and help us keep writing this dynamic story with passion and positive attitude!

We are very grateful to Flystation Japan for the opportunity to put on such an incredible event, and very, very excited to take you guys to Japan!!!


Ps, More details, and a dedicated Facebook page, to come soon. Stay tuned !“

This article was originally published on skydivemag