Flu Blues!

Germ City!
Germ City!


The problem with January and February too

Is, everyone you meet has a cold or the flu

They’ll tell you their symptoms in graphic detail

And of course it is fatal if you are a male!

Croaking and coughing, saying ‘Everyone’s got it’

As they put snotty tissues back into their pocket

They say ‘don’t come near me ‘cos I have the flu’

While proceeding to lean in to hug and kiss you

Yuk! Keep your distance, stay in and drink tea

I don’t want your germs spread all over me

Go bury yourself in your bed and don’t leave

Until you quit wiping your nose on your sleeve

They moan they can’t eat, there’s no taste and no flavour

And I’m thinking, the weight loss will do you a favour

Through Christmas you’ve piled on the pounds getting pissed

So a few calories lost will not go unmissed

Folk sit in the doctors hoping for some relief

But the doc is sick to the back of his teeth

Of the old woman coughing and the pale heavy breather

He’s thinking ‘Piss Off’ I don’t want it either

The wait room’s full, people think they’re near death

And that germ ridden seat’s where they’ll take their last breath

The doctor can’t cope with the silly old fools

Who are all off their heads popping lemsip capsules

We have to accept Jan and Feb time is freaky

A time when we all start to feel a bit peaky

Stop spreading your germs, don’t visit me, just text

I’m seriously hoping that I won’t be next!!

This article was originally published on skydivemag