Cypres extends life



Cypres AAD
Cypres AAD

*Cypres Units manufactured from January 2017 will now have a 15 year lifetime, an increase of 20% on the previous twelve. *

The CYPRES lifetime has been 12.5 years since the beginning in 1991. Starting in 2002, we began testing longer maintenance intervals on the Ripcord CYPRES family. With the knowledge and experience over an entire service life period we are now comfortable to extend the service life (which has technically been impossible in earlier years) for all CYPRES units manufactured from January 1st 2017, to 15.5 years.

5 and 10 year maintenance

For this longer service life we offer a maintenance at 5 years and 10 years after date of manufacture. The units will remind their users. This service is recommended, because it corrects wear and tear, fixes defects, provides improvements, adds new features, integrates better handling solutions, establishes applicable adjustments to new developments in skydiving, supplies applicable adjustments to changed conditions of the environment, contains all applicable hardware upgrades and includes all applicable software updates.

­In short:

•   For units since January 1st  2017  -   service life 15.5 years
•   Maintenance recommended
•   If services are done, you have a complete updated device with all applicable adjustments, improvements and new features every 5 years


Cypres Reliability

During the last 26 years all CYPRES units together have accompanied more than 123 million skydives, have saved more than 4000 skydivers from impact and never has one failed to activate and cut the reserve closing loop (to our knowledge in Jan 2017 and given the loop was routed through the cutter).



This article was originally published on skydivemag