Dual study - learning twice. Live twice

The post graduation course is a difficult topic for many students. Do I take a break and go abroad for a year? Do I start an apprenticeship? Or rather a study? Does a dual degree program come into question for me? You will find many helpful tips and information about dual study in this article.

First of all, you should make it clear that a dual degree program offers different offers and models. In Germany one differentiates between four different models. Since you are interested in a study program of initial vocational training, the training-integrating and practice-integrating model comes into question for you.

Training integrating study

In the case of an integrating study program, you will obtain a university degree and additionally a certified apprenticeship certificate at the end of the apprenticeship. Instead of the vocational school you usually have study periods. Such a study takes about 4-4.5 years.

Practice integrating study

In practice-integrated study, study phases are combined with longer practical phases in a company. The practical phases go far beyond a practical semester. Unlike the integrated training model, you can search https://samedaypapers.com/personal-statement-writing-service for different educational help and courses but only get a university degree. Such studies take about 3-4 years.

by Layla Doyne
by Layla Doyne

In addition, you should already be clear before the start of the dual study, if you want to attach a master's degree later. Not every degree entitles to a further qualifying master's degree. The bachelor's degree awarded by a university entitles the holder to a further qualification, since this is an academic degree. By contrast, this is not necessarily guaranteed when graduating from a vocational college, even if it is recognized by the state. Incidentally, the dual study programs also differ in the individual federal states. The recognition of degrees and the designations can be very different.

If you have opted for a dual degree, you will need to get a contract with a company. Only with this employment contract can you enroll in a university or vocational academy.