What do you do when the Car Not Starting: Call a mechanic or the car wreckers?

Has it ever happened to you that you go into the garage and try to get the car to move, but all you get is silence or just a whirring sound? Well, if you have not then, you are lucky! But I have, and it is truly a nightmare. The nightmare is not in the fact that you cannot reach your destination on time! The nightmare starts after returning home. What do you do with the car?

You can go two ways; you can either find a mechanic or find good car wreckers in Auckland. Now, the question that arises is which one would be better for you. You need to decide yourself.

Ø What do you do with a car that does not start?

It is a tough situation that you have to face, when the car stalls or is adamant on not starting! But, you need to understand that you cannot let it sit in the garage for long. What you need to do is find a solution, because there is no midway! You either get the car back to its working state, or get it off your property.

Which way do you go? Well, we are going to help you with that.

1. Car Mechanic:

If you look through the phone book or the internet, you will find numerous mechanics, so always look for a reputed one. The car might not be starting because of the simple reason that some part of the car might be busted or leaking. Now, the fix is really simple, and they will get the car up and running in no time. But, the problem arises, when a fix is not possible.

Sometimes, the parts might be beyond repairs; and the replacement might weigh heavy on your pockets, or worse, it might not be available. In such situations, a fix is difficult and often quite expensive! So, now you have to get the car back home with towing services!

In such a scenario, what you could do is call a mobile mechanic. If they can repair the car good, otherwise it will stay at home and you could look at the second option, a car wrecking company.

2. Car Wrecking Company:

Always have the damage analyzed! Sometimes the damage to the car maybe repairable, other times it isn’t. So, in the latter situation, you will need to dispose of the car. Hiring towing services can cost huge amount of money. But, in such a scenario the car wrecking companies can come to your aid.

They offer free removal of the car, along with free quotation for the car. They also offer instant cash for cars. Now, there are some scamming companies out there. To eliminate those from your list, look for the above mentioned services and whether they charge for their services.

Any company that does not do it for free is not worth your time. So, a damaged car that would have been a burden, becomes a financial gain!

Cars are prized possession for all. So, the tragedy of the car failing on you is really unfortunate! When my car broke down, I spoke to the mechanic; and after some review, the repair was supposed to be huge and weigh heavily on my finances. Thus, I took the logical step of calling in a car wrecker. I made some good profits off the damaged car; and it helped me get a brand new car!

So, what are you waiting for? Call in a reputed and trusted mechanic and have the car assessed, whether it is repairable or not?! But, my advice would be to weigh out the cost of repair and profits gained from car wrecking companies, and then take the decision. After all, with a car wrecking deal, you do get some significant financial gains!