Job Roles of Fiber Optics Design Engineer

A Fiber Optics Designer maps out and develops communication networks. The Design Engineer addresses essential details such as conceptualizing and planning design of a Fiber Optic Network. They are responsible for all elements of preparing from the ground up and play an active role in maintaining the client’s fiber-optic network.

The primary responsibility of the Fiber Optics Designer is to offer technical assistance in drawing production work such as analysis, fiber optic network design, topology layout, fiber splice plans, cable duct and routing, and calculations on non-routine assignments of substantial variety and complexity. The designer should take charge of different types of fiber optics and put to practice company, client and project design, and drafting standards.

The Fiber Optics Designer must be capable of building BoQs for all the material, equipment and components required for the layout. The professional must assist in the physical implementation of the design to avoid any complications. They should be able to create a documentation process to address potential issues among technical staff during the installation process or upgrades.