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Part time jobs do not have a guaranteed income, so you need to have a solid plan for finding work and covering your costs before you start out. Many freelancers start out in full-time employment, which allows them to gain experience and credibility and to save some money to use as a safety net when they go freelance.It's important to think carefully before starting out on a freelance career.

Now a days telecom engineers have huge potential in an on-demand freelance marketplace. Some of the job seekers rely on part time engineering jobs to help their finances. You think about freedom and independence being your own boss with the benefits that brings with you part time, one obvious thought how much would be the income compared to salaried.

As an engineer, you'll also need to put together a convincing account of your skills and experience so that you can convince potential clients, just think about what your particular strengths are and how you can prove them. One of the most difficult things about freelancing is that you have to find your own work. This can be a real challenge, especially when you are starting out and have not built up the reputation.