Why you should choose Workz Group

Workz Group is a mobile & IoT solutions provider offering secure connectivity. The company provides eSIM remote provisioning for consumer and M2M devices, SIM card development, OTA management and supply chain management in addition to scratch card and SIM card manufacturing.

They began in 1997 and have grown to deliver 4.5 billion products in 2018 to over 100 network operators in 60+ countries. If that blows your mind, then knowing that they haven't suffered even a single breach should completely knock you out. Their mission is to be a worldwide leader in the IoT ecosystem deploying secure and advanced solutions. Their GSMA SAS-certified manufacturing facilities produce eUICC and UICC SIM cards along with scratch cards. Workz Group is world’s largest scratch card manufacturer and one among the top 10 SIM card manufacturer being the first GSMA-SAS certified eUICC SIM factory in the Middle East and Africa.

Why Workz?

Well, they offer cost-effective customizable complete solutions from concept to delivery with minimal turnaround time. Workz Group didn’t get this huge by being miserly with its production scales, so it sports a high-capacity level of production. Furthermore, Workz Group offers solutions that are efficient, high-quality and secure. Being environmentally conscious, the company offers efficient methods of production.

In the 21 years since its inception, the company has grown to expand and adapt its solution based on the requirements of the industry. Starting off as SIM card and scratch card suppliers, they now offer remote SIM provisioning solutions as an eSIM supplier for clients in the IoT industry.

Workz is among the top mobile solutions providers and continues to develop technology ensuring that their clients are always in the forefront.