Siraj Raval Used YouTube and AI to Carve His Way to Success

A Forbes research suggests that most millennials lost their entrepreneurial spirits during the recent recessions. While this may be true, there are many others like Siraj Raval who managed to keep their spirits high.

Siraj Raval was born in 1991 in Houston. Just like most other millennials, Siraj didn’t have much clue as to where his real interests lie. At his 12th birthday, Siraj, for the first time in his life, got his hands on a computer. His love for computers grew with age and transformed into a sheer passion for IT. Siraj completed his Computer Science Degree from Columbia University and stepped into the practical world which had great success in place for the man.

The Launch of ‘Siraj Raval’

Soon after graduation, Siraj landed a job in the Silicon Valley which gave his career a massive uplift. Siraj possessed a charismatic personality, one people loved to be around. Although he loved his job as a software developer, Siraj wanted to do something more when he got the idea to start his own YouTube channel. He was an avid user of YouTube which made it somewhat easier for him to launch his channel. In 2016, Siraj began the channel, “Siraj Raval” which has over 500,000 subscribers as of January 2019.

Igniting Passions for AI

With all the fame and fortune coming his way, Siraj wanted to do something for the society. He decided why not let kids like him who are passionate about IT, learn about Artificial Intelligence through a free medium. He chose AI specifically knowing the immense future this branch of IT holds. This led to the launch of the “School of AI”. Siraj used his YouTube channel as a medium to educate about AI. He took one of the most prominent approaches to attract children to watch his videos. Siraj created interesting animated videos about the subject. He has also set up a patron account where his viewers encourage him with donations to produce more of such videos. The entire amount patrons contribute to his School of AI are allocated to the production of his AI-based videos. Today, over 800 deans from across the globe assist Siraj in his noble mission.

It was after realizing the potential of AI and the need to equip new generations with it that Siraj decided to establish ‘School of AI’. Through this venture, he is able to provide AI education completely free of cost. The growing community of this non-profit venture spans across the globe learning the benefit of using AI technology. The School of AI had already surpassed an initial milestone of conducting over a 10 meet ups across the globe. It has also expanded its range of courses, and assisted eleven individuals in their AI-based research work. For more information on the School of AI, visit

Authoring a Book on DApp

Siraj Raval has also authored the book “Decentralized Applications: Harnessing Bitcoin's Blockchain Technology” which talks about how you can make the most of the blockchain technology and build DApps. The book is available right now on Amazon.

With over 11M views on his YouTube channel, educational AI ventures, and a book on DApps that has sold countless copies, the charismatic Siraj Raval has carved an unhindered route to his growing success.