FRANKLY SPEAKING: You CAN Attract a QUALITY Man (It's Easier Than You Think!)

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

We all know that the “dating game” is a complex system of unwritten rules and behaviors. Trying to figure out all the nuances while actively dating can pose quite a challenge. Sadly, in most cases, relationships don’t last.

In my personal experience and after talking to plenty of friends (both male and female), the reason people don’t “stay together forever” boils down to one word: Compatibility.

Men and women tend to put up a front when they start dating someone.

As couples become comfortable around one another they lapse into their “true selves,” as I call it. In some cases, a person’s “true self” is not the same person that their significant other fell for when they met. As a result, a wedge is formed and breaking up is nothing more than an inevitably.

Despite this introduction, dating doesn’t have to be a grim affair that ends in heartache. If you know how to attract QUALITY men you stand a better chance at landing that lifelong fairytale relationship.

Let Your “True Self” Out

Earlier when I said people put up a front when they start dating, I didn't mention one detail: the behavior is not intentional (at least in most cases.) We simply have the desire to impress someone we want to be with so much that we attempt to make ourselves appear more attractive, both physically and mentally.

You have to stop this behavior.

If you are willing to expose your true self from Day One, you’re more likely to attract someone who falls for YOU, not your inflated version of yourself.

It’s NOT easy to erase that front, but you can do it. The key thing to remember is you have to remain self-aware. If you find yourself saying or doing something out of your natural personality, correct yourself.

When you are persistent and work hard to be yourself, you WILL attract someone who loves you despite flaws and imperfections. This tip helps eliminate the issue of not being compatible, at least from your end.

Have Some Passion

When you think of passion, you might think I mean “romantic” passion. While having that fire in your relationship is important, I’m referring to something completely different.

My suggestion to you is to be passionate about SOMETHING, Whether you love your job, your hobbies, or your pets (or, in my case, all three). Don’t be afraid to tell someone else how that special thing in your life fills you with joy.

There is nothing quite as cute as listening to a girl (in my case) talk about how happy her hobbies or life makes her. It’s refreshing to see someone filled with positive thoughts and happiness.

If you are passionate you will attract quality men who are filled with that same kind of passion, even if the subject of the happiness is different. The point is, you’ll be able to talk freely about the things that you love.

Seeing your significant other happy and bubbly while gushing about their favorite book series is not only cute, but a major turn on.

Set Your Standards…and Don’t Budge

We all have an idea in our head about “the ideal partner.” On that same note, we all have things that are “deal breakers.”

In my case, lack of intelligent conversation is a complete deal breaker. So it makes no sense for me to go after someone who is unable to fill my standard – it will never work.

You should visualize your own standards and make sure that you follow through with the idea of a great partner in your mind. Don’t let yourself get swayed by someone because they are “super hot” or because they have a ton of money and they’re “loaded.” These factors might seem appealing at first, but the relationship WILL decay if they suck in another category.

For instance, if you find a guy who is “mega ultra hot” and into you, but hasn’t had a real job in eight years, you probably shouldn’t pursue him. I used this example because most guys and gals want someone who works and is able to take care of themselves.

The major takeaway here is you need to pursue men based on YOUR standard of quality. You deserve to be happy and there is no point in trying to date someone when you know in advance that it simply isn’t going to work.

Overall, these three tips will help you bring more quality men into your life.

You should make sure that you are always your “true self,” you should always try to be passionate about something and express your passion to your (potential) partner, and you need to make sure that you date within your standards – even if it means staying single for a while.

Relationships are nice, there is no doubt about it. But it’s better to remain single and wait for that one person who blows your mind, as opposed to dating numerous guys who are just…bland.

While I don’t quite believe in “soulmates,” I do think that there are QUALITY men out there for everyone, even YOU!

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