My family and I

So here goes

Hi . My name is Kellymarie . Am 33 years old and I have 6 wonderful children . Yes I did say 6 . I know am crazy , and mad and maybe a little insane but that the way it planned out . I want to share my life with you all , not because am mad , crazy and little insane but so the few people that read this can relate . That one person can fell better by reading this . They can laugh , cry and say if the agree or not on how I run the crazy house.

I grow up in a little village called stainforth . certain memories stick out like the smell of a coal fire in the air . Pop man that come on a Thursday . My favourite one was blue lagoon . But not forgetting the laughing and giggling of my family .

I meet my childhood best friend called Fiona In the first school . Kirtonlane I think it was called . We went all way though school . But I guess people do different thing and don't get me wrong we do live quite far apart

some people would not use that as a excuse but I would not really no what to say to her, I left Hatfield high with 10 GCSE . It's ok I guess . I was never one of the brain boxs at school but never a popular one either . Just average . When I left school I went one and did hairdressing. This is why I have my own business today .

During my course I fell pregnant with trinity who is my oldest . Then I went one to have Samuel then Oliver .

I bet your asking yourself lots of questions ….. like why so young ….. are you with the dad ……. benefit scrounger .

Well no am not with there dad . Wanna know the truth? he doest bother with them but also he was a control freak . He mentally and physically hurt me . This person is not and what I want my children to become and be around . I still worked when having the children and started to become my own person . I didn't have kids to sit and sponge off the government . I worked hard . I ended up leaving doing hair dressing for a bit and going in a nursery . Working with children but also working and spending time with my children .

By this time Samuel was being diagnosed and on the pathways . I found out that at the age of 3 Samuel had . ASD ( autism spectrum disorder ) . I found it really hard to cope with being so young and working . I had hospital appointment coming out of my arse and I don't like to ask for help . I thought my family would judge me big time . I had them I deal with it .

Going forward a little . I really don't want to bore you to much . I meet lee . Am so happy with him . we had 3 children together .so in all I have 6 . Nail, Rowan and Bentley . The house is mad . I do hide when I want just a chocolate bar to myself . I even take my time going to the shops so I can enjoy the taste of my own drink .

I now have to business. One called body beautiful and clothes and childrens accessories which I have with a good mate Stacey . We came up with the make ribbion clothing .

While am sat writing this it is currently the 6 weeks summer holidays . It been exciting and enjoyable. We have been have been away to Skegness . But rained everyday we were there . we tried to make the best we could for the time we had . I spend a fortune but worth it . We had meltdowns and to many tantrums but I can out smiling . I think that what some people f is that we are lucky that we have a big family , lucky that we both work really hard and that we are still able to work.

I will tell you more but for today I am going to say night . Hope you enjoy reading just a little onsite of me . Hope you will read more about what we get up to