Unique cake creations for unique occasions

When cake separated from bread because of it different style of baking it does not have so many flavours as it has today. Bakers used to make a few flavours only because cakes were not popular at that time but nowadays it is a craze of every person. Now you can find dozens of unique flavours for a single occasion because the world is growing and bakers’ mind is growing as well but you may know ‘old is gold’ therefore we have come up with 4 oldest and different cakes for 7 different occasions.

Hope you will love the post. Let us start it now!

1) Classical chocolate cake

by Jyoti
by Jyoti

We all love chocolate cake the most but have you ever thought why? If yes, you must have thought it tastes amazing but you are wrong because all cakes taste amazing but chocolate cake is the oldest cake of this time. Professional bakers have first time introduced a flavoured cake and that cake was a chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is in our blood and blood attracts blood. Well, chocolate cake is the most preferred cake of all time and the reason behind this is cocoa that makes it taste amazing.

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2) Coconut cake

Coconut cake is one of the oldest cake of all time. This is not only yummy but also healthy as it contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients as well.

Coconut cake is the perfect fit for occasions such as mother’s day and father’s day but you can also buy them for other occasions as per your preference. This healthy coconut cake is the best fit for the occasions described above about cake-cutting does not need any celebration and is a source of happiness and fun.

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3) Vanilla cake

by Jyoti
by Jyoti

Vanilla cake is another popular cake listed at no. 3 here. This wonderful cake smells marvellous and can even stun you with its great flavoured taste. This flavour of cake is used on occasions such as wedding, valentines and anniversaries only. These cakes are commonly multi-tier that makes it look more royal and exciting as well. The thing what makes this cake special is the essence of vanilla extract that brings an attractive odour from the cake. This cake is going to fit for big occasions we described above.

4) Blueberry cake

Blueberry cake is an amazing fruitcake that is filled with high levels of antioxidants that does not make it only a tasty one but also a healthy one. This cake listed at the end is not the least, this is a wonderful cake that may balance you between yum and health. People commonly prefer this cake for common occasions such as Independence Day, Teachers day, engagement and more but it does not mean that the speciality of this cake reduces. It was amazing and will stay amazing for always.

Final thoughts

So we are done now and it is your turn to choose one of the above-described cakes as per the occasion and your preference. There is no harm of eating cake if taken in a limit so ensure, they are healthy but overeating of anything may cause problems. Hope you loved the post!