Look Out Roscoe's, Sweet Chick Has Taken Over The Chicken & Waffles Scene

I am loving the vibe here! Straight up hip hop when I walked through the door, with a cool interior that made me want to get my party on. Which I did. I was able to snag a seat at the bar quickly, and was thankfully rewarded with plenty of space for my elbows and my food. No cramped communal seating here! The people are super-cool, though busy, and accommodated me quickly.

I started with that infamous Boozy Icee, which is essentially a grape slurpee spiked with a hefty dose of gin. It's pretty darn good if you're a fan of the childhood favorite. They also have a Rosé Icee on tap made with peach wine, and have a couple of other cocktails and a modest beer & wine selection.

The food! OMG, the food. It doesn't take much to make a decent fried chicken & waffles dish, but these guys know how to make an old-favorite into something newly-special. It felt like the first time… There is something about the way they make their waffles that just makes them unforgettable. The texture is fluffy, yet slightly crispy and just melts in your mouth. The fried chicken is pretty amazing; not too spiced, but well-seasoned. Don't forget to ask for those three little butter sides that come with it; one has lemon, the other has raspberry, and the savory one is infused with garlic & herb.

The Waffle Chicken Sandwich is made with Bourbon Molasses Glaze, Black-Eyed Spread, & Crispy Jalapeños. The sandwich itself isn't too big, but get it with a side of shoe-string fries or roasted potatoes, and you have a meal fit for a very hungry queen. Or a slightly slimmer queen if you opt for the side salad.

Everything else is amazing, as well, including the Breakfast Burrito made with fried chicken & chorizo bacon, and the Duck & Shortib Meatloaf Sandwich made with country white bread, pickled shallots, & jalapeño jam.

It's all amazing, guys! Do yourself a favor and bring some friends. You may have to wait a while, but it's beyond worth it.