Meet The Impossible Burger

Vegetarians and animal-loving, environmentally-friendly-conscious consumers, REJOICE! The newest trend in unhealthy healthy food has arrived… in LA. Yes, I know that was confusing. But, hear me out!

This Impossible Burger I speak of isn't your run-of-the-mill veggie patty that tastes like a salty piece of cardboard that has been sitting your freezer for ages, waiting for the emergency meal situation when you are forced to eat it. This plant-based burger is not only meaty, wholesome, “clean,” and delicious, but it's good for the planet, too. They are calling every meat-lover's miracle, and from personal experience, I can say they're not too far off the mark.

by Juvi Guevara
by Juvi Guevara

The best part is that it isn't as processed as most veggie patties tend to be. It's made with only a few simple ingredients, getting its protein from wheat and potatoes, its fat from coconuts, and interestingly enough, gets its flavor from something called, “heme,” which is found in all living things. It can also be found in cows, which gives the meat its unmistakable meaty flavor. The one Impossible Foods is using comes from plants, however. Same taste, lighter conscience.

And if you're worried about calories or protein content, fear not! It's about the same as what you would find in a regular beef burger- minus the cholesterol. I know, right?!

My first experience left me feeling like I had just tasted an indulgent fast food cheeseburger for the first time in years, and I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't eating meat. The flavor, the texture, the robust juxtaposition of umami layers, all created an unforgettable experience that left me wanting more and helped me forget the hefty $16 price tag on that bad boy.

You can find out more about the founders and story behind this concept at their website: And if you're looking to try it for yourself and live in LA, you can go to any of the Umami Burger joints or a few independent restaurants like The Counter that are featuring it on their menu.

Whether you believe in helping the planet or not, I think everyone can agree that cleaning up our diets while still indulging our taste buds is an effort well worth making in this day and age.