LUSH: Plenty Of Eye-Candy, But None To Eat

Yes, I'm deviating from the norm and writing about something other than food, for once. But hey, I can't be gluttonous all the time.

Lush is a company that specializes in fresh, handmade, vegan, and Earth-friendly cosmetics and skincare products that are as indulgent for your body as they are for your eyes. Their whimsical and vibrantly-colored designs make you feel like a kid in a candy store; each and every product has a story behind it that will add meaning to your skincare routine. Their shops are located in a multitude of cities, not only in the US, but abroad, as well. My first treat was bought at the Oxford Street location in jolly old London. For a list of their locations, check out their website at:

If candy existed for your body, this would be it. They even come shaped like candy and look good enough to eat. While this little shop has nothing on the size of the one in London, it certainly has more than enough to satisfy your skincare needs on any given day- from bath bombs, to body/ facial/ lip scrubs, to hair care, jelly masks, moisturizers, and everything in between.

Impressively enough, everything they make and sell is not only vegan and made with all-natural ingredients, but they are using Fair Trade, exotic, and often-unexpected things from all over the world that you never knew you could turn into an indulgence for your body. Everything has a theme, whether you're looking to hydrate dry skin/ hair, give yourself a little pick-me-up with vibrant ingredients like citrus and peppermint, or wind yourself down for the night using lavender and essential oils. Check out their seasonal section for great giftable ideas and don't be shy about letting the super-friendly employees give your hand a nice scrub with one of their delicious products. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

And if what they have in store isn't enough to satisfy your appetite, check out their online store that is positively brimming with inspiration, including some interesting charcoal toothpastes to brighten your teeth and breath mints made with all-natural ingredients for a healthy mouth with no chemicals added. They have an entire booklet's-worth of stuff, so ask them to put one in your bag and go crazy!

Oh, but go easy and try not to get carried away. These indulgences don't come cheaply. The cheapest scrub will cost more than $15. I know. Life is so unfair.