Let "Posh" Be The New "Hipster"

Don't get me wrong. Hipsters have a very high status in LA… among themselves. But as time goes on, I find more and more people deviating from that slightly-overpriced coffee shop & brunch restaurant trend to the truly overpriced fancy restaurant one. Of all the fancy restaurants I've hit up this year, few have captured my heart like my newest discovery, simply dubbed: Georgie.

Located inside The Montage hotel in high-class Beverly Hills, snugly tucked in the back & open to all, you either feel like royalty walking in, or like you seriously don't belong in such a high-society hangout. Under-dressed or not, hold your head up high, walk right up to the concierge, and ask him/ her where the restaurant is. They'll steer you right. The space itself is gorgeous! High ceilings, plush seating, fancy silverware, high-quality service, expensive-everything.

Dining Room — by Juvi Guevara
Dining Room — by Juvi Guevara

It will make for an unforgettable experience; if not for the ambiance, then for the prices. Including drinks, food, and tip, a single person could expect to pay upwards of $80 for their meal.

I would recommend calling ahead if it's more than you coming, just to be sure they'll have space available, & also check to see what times they stop serving food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as it's a long way to come only to be disappointed.

Being such a high-end place with a real French chef & everything, the menu changes seasonally, including the cocktails. But if you're here for lunch, I would highly recommend getting a starter or two. For my visit, I got the Fennel & Za'atar House Rolls which are fall-apart fluffy, buttery, & delicious. Paired with the Butternut Squash soup, which is a fairly simple dish, it really brings the feelings of Autumn & Winter to your palette. The roasted chestnuts in the soup lend a pleasant nuttiness to the overall flavor, as well.

For a good starter drink, I would either recommend one of their deliciously-smooth seasonal cocktails or a nice glass of your favorite wine. The French Elixir was my favorite; with sweet pear notes & a super-smooth finish, it left nothing to be desired.

For the main course, you could either go for one of their light, yet filling salads, if that's your thing, or go all out with one of their heartier dishes, like the Truffle Jambón & Gruyere Panini, Georgie Burger, or even their $35 Lobster Roll with half a pound of lobster in there. Hey, if you have the money… Pasta dishes are also available.

I can personally attest that the burger- cooked per your tastes- is a hefty beast cooked to perfection. The meat is juicy, the veggies that come with it lend the right balance of flavor, & the amazingly-crispy fries round it out nicely. It's the perfect fancy American dining experience.

Also, since the menu changes seasonally, something that you read about on Yelp a season ago & made you want to come here a few months later to try it, may no longer be on the menu. However, you have to appreciate how much effort they put into making their superb fare & the experience you get, as well as the gorgeous atmosphere you're dining in, is well worth the price, in my opinion. Just come prepared to spend a lot & you'll be all good.

And don't forget to tip your server!

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