Kreate Your Perfect Body From the Inside Out

Yes, I meant to misspell that word, because in this review, I'm writing to tell you about yet another juicery popping up all over LA: Kreation Juices.

Yes, I have read the scathing reviews regarding the price & whether it's worth it, yadda, yadda, yadda. However! Any juice place you go to in jolly-old LA- except Jamba Juice, but come on- will be expensive; not only because of the location, but because of the quality. In some cases, you're getting a day's worth of nutrients in a single blow, people! And they're made in-house, so you know it's going to be fresh, which is super-important when preserving that nutrient density.

What makes this place so special is that unlike most other juice joints, most of these juices don't taste like you're drinking the color green- and not in a good way. Kreation's organic juices actually taste amazing, and especially the creamy ones like the Chai-Licious, the Protein Power, the Enhance, and my personal favorite, The Loaded Gun, which is the crack version of a Bulletproof Coffee made with cold-pressed coffee, coconut milk, coconut oil, grass-fed unsalted butter, cacao powder, mocha, powder, cinnamon, & vanilla extract.

These bad boys are more immortalizing elixirs than anything, & with premium superfood ingredients like Maca, Grass-Fed Butter, high-quality coffee, nuts & nut milks, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, you are essentially paying for a full-blown meal; or, at the very least, the healthiest snack you could want. And the best part is that each bottle has all the information about what goes into it & why it's good for you. They can either be recycled or refilled at any one of their shops for a $1 discount. Save the planet, save some cash. And if that isn't fresh enough for you, you can always order a fresh juice or smoothie to be made on the spot to kick-start your day.

Now, isn't your health worth a buck or two extra? Especially when it tastes this good?