Feeling Fancy @ Faith & Flower In Downtown LA

This may be one of the more tucked away, underrated restaurants in Downtown LA. Yes, it is pretty hellish to get to due to all those one way streets and hard-to-find parking spots, so save yourself some gray hairs and take an Uber. Or plan ahead with enough time to circle around at least once. It's right one

The space is GORGEOUS! I felt under-dressed when I walked into what looked like a billionaire's fancy dining room. The ambiance is chill, but the décor is fancy French with a modern twist and pleasant down-tempo colors that make you well-aware you're in the big city. You may want to don your Friday-night best when coming, but the dress code is lax, so “do you.”

The prices aren't as exorbitant as one might expect coming here, and everything but the booze is affordable. Speaking of booze, that Milk Punch is amazeballs, and the shareable version at $125, serves up to 4-6 people. It doesn't look milky, at all, but is made with a powdered milk that gives it a smooth finish, with a hint of citrus to balance it out.

The Sunday brunch cocktails also offer something special. One of my favorites are the Lucano Correcto, made with Kenyan Coffee-washed Vodka, Rum, Mocha, and Amaretto. If you are a coffee-lover, this creamy little concoction is the one for you. Another great cocktail is Lilikoi'i Nui, which is mixed with Coconut-washed Vodka, Passionfruit, fresh Lemon, Coconut Cordial Bitters, & Shredded Coconut. If you're more of an old school traditional brunch fiend, they also have the usual suspects like the Mimosas and Bloody Mary's.  

Enough about the alcohol!

The food:

If you're here for brunch, it's all about that Malted Waffle ($15)- Mixed Berry & Riesling Compote, Creamy Mascarpone, & Vanilla Syrup. The waffle is perfectly fluffy, the compote is deliciously tart, & that mascarpone is the perfect creamy finish to balance it all out.

If you're not feeling sweets today, or if you need some extra protein, that 7 oz. Wood-Fired Burger is the way to go- Gruyere Cheese, Bacon, Whole Grain Aioli, & perfectly-cooked fries with a side of ketchup. (Hey, it can't all be fancy). Easily one of the best burgers I've had in a while. And they're making everything from the bread to their patties in-house!

As for everything else: The fancy desserts, the raw bar portion of the menu, the salads and entrees, everything is made up to the highest standards. For dinner, they also served Baked Alaska which you can't find just anywhere in LA. So, if you're trying to impress someone, or just have a really great meal, this is the place to do it.