Delectable, Award-Winning Donuts @ Downtown Donuts In Los Angeles

I mean, who doesn't love a good donut, amiright? They're everywhere! You go to a cheap corner store in your local neighborhood and you'll probably get a pretty darn delicious piece of glazed heaven. Unlike those cheaper versions, however, these beauties haven't been sitting there for hours- or possibly days- and unlike SOME donut shops in fancier districts around LA- which shall not be named, but remind me of dark magic- these aren't some over-the-top concoctions that look amazing, but also taste like someone forgot to add in the flavor… and the love.

No, these babies, are sweet, simple, with just a tiny bit of flair that will have you wheezing with desire the moment you walk through the door. That is probably why these guys were voted some of the best donuts in Los Angeles by the LA Times. Everything you see will please the palate as well as the eyes; and may I suggest you whip out your big boy/ girl wallet and splurge, as you will definitely need to try more than one. The cake donuts are dense, but surprisingly not as dry as others I've had, and you can really tell the difference between flavors instead of just tasting sugar, all around.

The fluffier donuts, however, are the real star of the show. Glazed donuts, enormous cinnamon rolls almost the size of your face, decadent apple fritters, tiger tails, the list goes on. I love taking mine home and heating them up for about 30 seconds in the microwave to give them that fresh-baked consistency. I bit into the cinnamon roll after doing that and it squirted fatty juices everywhere, I kid you not. Yes, it was as disturbingly-arousing as it sounds.

Prices are fair: $8 for a safe portion of 3 large donuts, or so. My only beef with this place is how hard you have to fight and how much you have to pay just to come buy a donut if you're not eating at any of the local restaurants in this same arcade. Parking is like 4 donuts' worth. That sucks. Oh, but get this: They deliver! If you love within a reasonable distance and are willing to pay extra for the convenience.

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