A Little Piece Of Paris In LA

I never expected to find such a fancy place smack dab in the middle of Los Feliz. It's so quaint in here, though, it makes one feel like they've transported to a chill little cafe in Paris. The interior is pure vintage European flair with rustic walls, art, and chandeliers. They have plenty of seating areas, from a place at the bar, a seat outside next to the street- kind of nice, if you don't mind the traffic and the fumes- and two dining areas inside. My favorite is the second dining room with comfy couches instead of booths that allow you to really chill and enjoy your meal. All have a beautiful view of the outside and plenty of room to yourself.

The first thing that catches your eye upon walking in- besides the prices- are the decadent pastries in the elaborate glass pastry case. As pricey as they are beautiful, it's definitely worth splurging on at least one of these edible jewels before you go. They go well with their mediocre coffee.

The menu is very French-inspired with everything from Pain Perdu, which is essentially French Toast with seasonal fruit drenched in maple syrup, to Croque Monsieurs and Croque Madames, which are breakfast sandwiches with ham, cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg. That Croque Madame is so good, I had to restrain myself from finishing it after a full plate of French Toast. There are plenty of salads, sandwiches, platters, and even a burger on the menu, so there's no reason to turn your nose up at this place just yet. Trust me, it all tastes great; just nothing to run out and write home about.

Yes, the prices are a bit up there and the service is pretty cold. The Hispanic servers are friendly, but the European ones act like they're doing you a favor for taking your business. That's how you know this place is authentic. And if you're a frequent diner, you know that the ambiance of a place can either add or take away from your experience eating there. The vibe here is worth coming for.

Parking can suck, so be ready to bring your quarters and vie for a spot on the street. Or pay $5 at the nearest parking lot.

Bon apétit!