Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2018

Best top five Cryptocurrencies in 2018 with super-normal profits. For a classical investor, the main goal is to make a profit. However, in this article, I will target one investor who wants nothing but super-normal profits.

by Martin Muthomi
by Martin Muthomi

To make an investment you need to have a clear and vivid understanding of how Cryptocurrency operates and how the super-normal profits do come about.

Cryptocurrency is an online currency presented in form of coins. Just like any commodity, its price is determined by the laws of demand and supply. Each Cryptocurrency has three graphs. The demand graph, supply graph, and profit graph. Profit graph is dependent since it is a reflection of demand and supply graphs. When the demand for a particular crypto is high possible profits are high

There is thousands of crypto available in the market with varied prices; Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, Cardano. Without prior knowledge, Identifying a high profit and secure crypto is like trying to teach an old dog a trick.

This article is composed of a list of five Cryptocurrency that has taken the internet community by surprise. My detailed high-end research on more than 15 Cryptocurrency gives me absolute confidence to suggest this 5 online currency

At the top of my list comes the famous

1. Ripple

Ripple gonna triple  — by Martin Muthomi
Ripple gonna triple  — by Martin Muthomi

I have taken my time and given a keen interest in the price behavior of the Ripple. Despite its low price this crypto is incredibly amazing. For the last three months, Ripple has shown steady peak rate 408%. Of the entire Cryptocurrency available this online currency reflects the lowest drop in its price

Putting ripple at the top of my list, I considered a number of facts about this online currency. The morning of December 23, 2018; the internet community woke up to dreading news. The massive Cryptocurrency crush that crippled many online investors resulted in a low popularity in the crypto market.

There was an average drop of 22% registered in all other Cryptocurrency. However, Ripple maintained its green signal which earned it a top position among crypto investor.

2. Bitcoin cash

by Martin Muthomi
by Martin Muthomi

Bitcoin cash was launched in July 2017. In just about 6 months this online currency reflected an incredible price increase of $3736 (from $411 to $4147). Even in the countries with the most advanced economies, a $3736 profit in 6 months is a lifetime jackpot.

In the market cap, Bitcoin cash is showing dominance over Litecoin and Ethereum. Analysts are expecting the Bitcoin to give a tough competition to Ethereum and Litecoin.

This Cryptocurrency is more profitable if you are a short-term investor. By short term; I mean 2 months and below. Longer investment may not lucrative for you.

3. Cardano.

Crypto currency — by Martin Muthomi
Crypto currency — by Martin Muthomi

This Cryptocurrency is rated 7th. Despite that Cardano has been showing a steady growth rate. When it was launched on 2017 October Cardano was selling at 0.012 and in barely 5 months the price touched 0.41. This online currency is showing amazing peak rates of 3316%.

With such huge peak rates, Cardano earned its space in my top five lists at least in the meantime. Another reason you need to consider Cardano in 2018 is that of the 50%+ growth rates registered per day.


IOTA strategy group — by Martin Muthomi
IOTA strategy group — by Martin Muthomi

Encrypted in the best technology (tangle technology) IOTA has proven to be one of the safest Block-chain investments. Besides high profits, any investor is also sensitive the risks related to a potential investment.

Our grade 5 geography teacher who had been to Congo used to excite us with the fascinating stories about the huge amount of precious stones found in Congo. We thought about the great fortune we would make if only we had a chance to visit this central African country. However, we remained oblivious to the risks involved.

IOTA works on a direct graph which connects two transactions ensuring safety and speed. The fact that your profits are not squeezed by the huge transaction fee ensure heavier pocket on the payday.

5. Litecoin

by Martin Muthomi
by Martin Muthomi

Though listed last on my list it does not mean that Litecoin is any less profitable. It is one online currency that has been in operation for the longest time (since 2013). Its preexistence long before other Crypto was launched means it has improved with superb features like hacking proof features, transaction time and much more.

This online currency is approaching its ultimate peak rates and profits margins are less spaced. However, with proper timing, you can make reasonable profits.


The information offered in this article is completely reliable. I have used the latest facts to draft it but it is my honest feeling that conducting your own research from other sources is important.

I hope this article answered your questions; if not you can hit my comment box and make suggestions.