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The man "Father Time" forgot about

Vince Carter is 41 years old entering his 21st season in the NBA playing for his eighth team, the Atlanta Hawks. Carter is also now the oldest player in the NBA by 3 years, with Pau Gasol and Udonis Haslem a distant 38 years old. Despite that, Vince is still doing Vince things.

Let's not forget he was still making posters last season with the Kings. There were 10 official Vince Carter dunks last season, the best being this one vs the Warriors.

Oh and of course he can still do a between the legs dunk like he did a year and a half ago with Memphis. No big deal for him even at 40 years old

In all honesty, the Memphis version of Vince Carter had a lot of good dunks as shown below during his 2016 season with them.

His first year with Memphis during the 2014-2015 season, Vince was still making posters out of any defender as if he was still a young man. During that season he had 66 dunks, but you'd think that number should've been higher judging by how he looked.

I hope to have a post this time next year of Vince Carter still living true to his old nickname, “Half man, Half Amazing”. Keep on throwing down dunks Vince, Father Time still hasn't gotten to you yet.