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It's time for Eli Manning to step aside

by FanSided
by FanSided

The New York Giants have some outstanding offensive threats, there's zero question about that. They have the luxury of having one of the best wide outs in the game, a rookie running back who looks invincible, and a picture perfect tight end for the modern NFL game. Despite all that, the Giants are averaging a pathetic 19.5 points per game and were slaughtered by the Eagles this past week. The problem here has to lie on Eli Manning.

I know Giant fans are going to be up in arms, but Eli is holding this team back and the evidence is mounting every passing week. Despite putting up 281 yards vs Philly, a lot of that work was done by his running back. Manning's inability to get any pass a few yards down the field shows in the charts, it's hard to look at.

The few times Eli had time to make a pass, he was a horrid 3 for 15.

by Kevin Patra
by Kevin Patra

Eli's garbage performance came on the heels of a report from ESPN saying how Eli's losing the confidence of his teammates, something the Eagles game probably didn't help combat.

Head coach Pat Shurmur though said he's not concerned with Eli and that the team just lost the game as a whole. Hats off to the coach for not chucking his franchise QB under the bus, but he wouldn't have had to say it anyway for the obvious to be made known. Manning's decline has been known to the world, he's 37 and not exactly aging like a fine wine.

Sadly there's zero place for Eli Manning to go. In the NFL players don't get nice “farewells” like they can get in the NBA or NFL, sports where you can hide your aging players flaws. Instead the longer Eli's under center for the Giants, even if this is his last year there, the Giants offense will continue to stutter and falter. For Giants fans, all they'll see is their former franchise QB continue to get crushed and the talents of their offense be wasted for another full season.