Gameweek 11 Match 9: Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace


One team doing well at the moment and one team that have been awful come up against each other in this match. Tottenham have been doing well lately while Crystal Palace are in last place and have had a terrible season. Tottenham have been very strong at the back only conceding 7 times while Crystal Palace are terrible up front with only 4 goals scored this season. From all perspectives it looks like it should be a easy game for Tottenham with the form they're in but Crystal Palace are slowly starting to improve and have gone undefeated in their last 2 games.

Tottenham have been good this season and will be looking to finish in a Champions League spot if they keep playing like they have been. However, they’ve just come off a loss against Man. United which might have frustrated them. They’ve been great at the back and have only conceded 7 goals meaning that they’ve got solid players in their back-line who could make a difference in this game. This game shouldn’t be much trouble for them if they keep their cool and play good passing football like they have done recently.

Harry Kane should be important to this game because of his attacking threat and how much and how consistently he scores. He’s been in top form this season with 8 goals scored meaning he’s currently the top goal scorer in the premier league. If he keeps scoring has much as he has been he could get the Premier League golden boot 3 times in a row. He also has 1 assist so far this season which isn’t great but considering he’s the one finishing off most of their moves it isn’t bad.

Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen should also be important in this game because they’ve both been good when going forward and together they’re a deadly duo. Eriksen has 3 goals and 2 assists this season while Alli has 3 goals and 1 assist meaning these players have 6 goals and 3 assists between the 2 of them. Defensive players Alderweireld and Vertonghen might be needed in this game as well. Crystal Palace have been an extremely bad attacking side until the last 2 games where they’ve scored 4 goals. Since Palace aren’t a good side Tottenham need to keep a clean sheet in this match and keep them away from their goal.

Crystal Palace are currently in last place and have had a terrible season so far, however they’ve looked like they might be getting better since Wilfried Zaha returned and they might start looking better and future games. They’ve got a tough match here and it will really prove if they are on the right track and if they are getting better. It’s important that in this match Crystal Palace ca keep their confidence by not getting demolished. Even getting beaten by only 1 goal wouldn’t be bad because of how good a side Tottenham are.

Palace’s key player in this match will be the Ivorian/English player Wilfried Zaha. As soon as he came back he’s made an immediate impact by scoring 2 times in 4 games and helping his side get their first win and tie. When looking at this Palace side he’s the player that really stands out because he’s fast and he can finish well plus he’s in good form at the moment scoring in their last 2 games. If he can keep this good form going he might be able to upset Tottenham in this match.

The defensive line for Crystal Palace needs to improve. They’ve conceded 21 goals already and the defence has not looked confident in this season. Most people thought that bringing Sakho in for good would help their defence out but he hasn’t done well yet. It’s crucial that the defence plays well for them because they’re coming up against a very high scoring side and the side with the current top-scorer. If they don’t defend well they can’t just count on Zaha to outscore the opposition because Tottenham are good at the back as well.


I think that Tottenham will win this one even though Crystal Palace are improving. I think that the attacking threat that Tottenham have will be too much for Palace and I think the defence will break down making it easy for Tottenham to score. The only chance that Crystal Palace have in this game is that Zaha plays incredibly and the rest of the squad stays solid throughout the 90 minutes. I think that’s very unlikely though and I think Tottenham will win 3-0.