Gameweek 11 Match 6: West Ham vs. Liverpool


Two sides who haven’t lived up to their expectations in this season come up against each other here. While both these sides have been slightly disappointing Liverpool are in 6th place and haven’t done terribly. Both these sides have been bad defensively with West Ham conceding 19 and Liverpool conceding 16. Liverpool need a win because right now they’re at the very bottom of the teams who are in the title race. 6th place might seem decent but they haven’t been great this season and they’ve lost to a few teams that they should really be beating. West Ham haven’t done well so far and are in 16th place at the moment. After a great transfer window for them everyone thought they were going to be a great side this season but many of their new players have disappointed and not provided what they need to.

West Ham have been especially bad at the back and recently signed goalkeeper Joe Hart has not performed well. Most people thought that Joe Hart had gotten better after his loan spell at Torino for a year but he has not impressed at West Ham conceding 19 times already. It seems the English goalkeeper might have another bad season in his career unless he does something about it soon. West Ham have not lived up to the expectations that many people put on them when they saw how good a team they had and how many strong players they had signed and kept. There have been a few players who have really got to start improving if they want to make an impression on the league.

Javier Hernandez will be crucial for West Ham this game. He’s been their main attacking threat this season and is the only new signing who’s really done well. He’s shown West Ham some glimmers of light and hope in this dark age that they’re currently facing where they just can’t stay consistent. Hernandez is their top scorer with 4 of their 10 goals and has played well in most of their games. The problem with Hernandez so far is that he isn’t the most consistent striker and often has games where he stays quiet and doesn’t provide much for the team.

A player that needs to play well in this match for West Ham is Marko Arnautovic. He recently signed for West Ham this summer but he hasn’t found his rhythm at his new club and hasn’t played to his full potential. If he plays like he did at his former club Stoke, the attacking side of West Ham would improve tremendously with his great movement and skill. Ayew could also be important for this game because he’s playing well lately and he scored a good goal against Crystal Palace in their last match. He won’t be as important as Hernandez but he could help out his side a lot.

Liverpool are a very interesting team to talk about at the moment because they haven’t been playing great yet they are in 6th place. They’ve been very inconsistent especially at the back and have lost and tied to some teams they should have won against. Liverpool need to step up their game and start playing better against sides lower than them in the league. The defensive side of Liverpool is definitely their weakness. Sometimes the defence does well for them and they get a clean sheet or only concede once but other times they’ll let in 3 or 4 goals and this inconsistency is unacceptable for such a top class team.

Liverpool’s key player in this match is going to be Mohamed Salah. He’s been in great form recently and he’s already scored 5 goals and got and 2 assists in the Premier League. Salah is such a good player because he makes so many chances for himself and is always getting open but he often struggles to finish these chances even when they’re quite easy. Salah scores around 1/7 of his shots which is not all that great and that needs to improve if Liverpool are going to improve. Mohamed Salah needs to work on his finishing ability and if he does he could easily be the Premier League’s top scorer by the end of the season.\

Firmino and Lovren should also be important to this match. Firmino is another Liverpool player who’s been in good form this season with 3 goals and 2 assists. He’ll be so important up front and I think he needs to get a goal in this match. While Firmino has been good Lovren has been the opposite. Lovren has been terrible at the back and has probably been Liverpool’s worst player this season. He needs to start improving fast because Liverpool don’t have many good back up players in that centre-back role. If Lovren continues to play like he has been Liverpool’s defence will stay inconsistent and they won’t pass any of the teams in front of them.


This game really relies on key players Salah and Hernandez. If they play well the whole game could get turned around. Although Liverpool’s defence haven’t been good this season I don’t think it will be bad here considering that this West Ham team hasn’t been great. Unless Hernandez can work his magic I think that Liverpool will get a clean sheet this game. I also think that Liverpool will win this because of their attacking threat this season. Liverpool will win 2-0.