Gameweek 11 Match 10: Everton vs. Watford


Everton and Watford meet up on the last match of the 11th gameweek. In previous season’s Everton would’ve been expected to win a game like this but this season things have been turned upside down. Watford have been playing brilliantly while Everton have not been good this season. Watford are in 8th place going into this which shows how much they’ve grown in recent seasons while Everton are in the relegation zone in 19th place. With the new signings that Everton made this summer you would expect them to be soaring at the moment but something about their play just isn’t right and they haven't done well so far.

Everton have been really bad this season and have not even got close to the expectations that many people set for them. They had a good transfer window where they brought in a lot of new players but it might be possible that they brought in too many new players and they’ve disrupted the balance and chemistry within the team. Everyone knew that with Lukaku leaving to Manchester United they might have trouble this season but nobody could have expected them this far down. They’ve only scored 7 goals this season and conceded 20 meaning both their defence and attack need to improve.

Wayne Rooney needs to step up for Everton in this game. To be fair he’s one of the few Everton players who’ve really impressed this season. After his return to his boyhood club, Everton from Man. United he’s had a good season with 4 goals already and he’s definitely been the best Everton player this season. His experience is so crucial to Everton and when you watch them play you can see how much he controls his team with his voice and his play. If he steps up in this match Everton might be able to grasp this game.

The defensive side of Everton need to improve. If Everton aren’t providing enough attacking threat I think the best way for them to go is to just play defensively and shutout the opposition. Players like Jagielka and Williams have not been performing well and if Everton want to have a strong defensive line these players will have to improve.

Watford have been a surprising side so far to say the least. They’ve been very good against sides below them in the table but they’ve struggles when playing top teams. They’ve had some players who’ve worked wonders for them so far this season and a few players that no one would expect to play as well as they have been. When Watford do lose they lose by a lot and even though they’re inside the top 10 they have a negative 3 goal difference. Just like Everton their defence hasn’t been great however they have played well when going forward and have scored 15 goals, more than double the amount of Everton.

Star man Abdoulaye Doucoure will be important for Watford in this match. He’s been wonderful so far this season and is currently Watford’s top scorer even though he’s a centre-mid. He’s scored 4 goals already and his finishing ability has been crucial to Watford’s success. If he can continue this form throughout the season Watford could continue this great form and he could be one of the players of the season. It will be interesting to see if he’s able to keep this top form.

Richarlison is another Watford player who’s been in good form lately. With 3 goals and 2 assists so far, recently signed Richarlison is looking fantastic at the moment and has been their main attacking threat. Watford need to improve defensively if they want to keep up this good form. As stated earlier, they’ve conceded 18 goals already and their defence hasn’t been good. They need players like Kabasele and Britos to step up their game however Kabasele hasn’t been terrible. If this defence gets better Watford would look a much more complete side and they could be brilliant this season.


Everton would be the side that you might think would win, however Watford are in top form at the moment and players like Richarlison and Doucoure will most likely have a big impact on this game. I think Everton will lose this one unless their defence gets sorted out immediately and players up front start helping Wayne Rooney. I think Watford will win 2-1.