Three reasons fake news is a problem

I got a problem. My problem is with Fakeness. If you are a writer the battle against Fake news is like a stab against every artist out there. Originally, Facebook was posting Fake news as a way to uphold people’s clicks and shares on the sight. People fell for it like fish for bait. If the news looked real, it had to be real.

Fake news
Fake news


What we have learned over the past presidential election is that Fake news exists. Fakes news is like a taste of your favorite milkshake. Irresistible, and bad for you in every way. News that is misleading comes in the form of catchy headlines, interesting content, and flashy images making is difficult to just chop up as fake. Its alluring as if you just lit up a french toast candle yearning for the juicy taste of the old fashioned flavorful dish.

Is it wrong news if you didn't know it was fake?

Absolutely. People are taking advantage of spreading around fake news as long as it brings in clicks, and money. Real, honest, and truthful news is taking a backline - which is making it harder for people to know what is truth and what is just an alluring play against our knowledge. For instance, articles about both Trump and Hillary that had false information on the candidates spread like wild-fire making it easier to disrupt our election.

Statistically only 44% of kids can tell if news is fake or real, and 31% shared a story that was fake in the last six months. If our youth are providing shares to fake news we must be doing the same but why? Why has fake news popped up? Why is it a problem to us bloggers, writers, and essential story tellers when most of us have written a short story fiction piece?

1. Fake news spreads Laziness

Fake news
Fake news

The way fake news happens is by the click bait theory. You click the link- scan the article, and share it. But you never check who produced the article, and if the article has a hint of truth in it. We like to step over steps, and skip over sidewalk cracks when it comes to research. I like to blame this on our generation that wants to glance at articles but not read them.

Alluring as fake news is we need to keep in mind that anything on the internet can be written to fool us, written to make us think one way, and make us inclined to share no matter why we are sharing the content.

2. If it promises something too good for the media - you should probably ditch it

If you think about it False advertising is apart of the problem. Fake news outlets will LIE, LIE, AND LIE to get a click even if it means saying something that the media can not give you. Let's say you want a dog brush, and this article comes up with an amazing dog brush but there is one catch- there are no reviews- and when you click it the site brings you to another site. Typically, these are obvious click and baits.

However, Fake news is promising stories that the media can not argue with. If you have to question it - it's probably fake. Such as this site- Which shows us articles with flashy titles that could be real but are fake.

3. We can not let our honesty fall

Lying is a problem. It's not just an issue online, but we see outside everyday when someone reads a fake article and believes they will spread it around town like wild-fire. The right news spread can be fulfilling and educational making the recipient feel better but wrong news will cause fights.

How do I propose we fix this problem?

I think we need to go around and find the fake news articles - report them- and then continue to write an honest news post- or to support our local newspapers. I think as a blogger it's best to support honesty over dishonesty. What do you think?