Windstream Provides Fiber Internet for Lexington, Kentucky

High-speed internet is something that every internet user demands. Gone are the days when we were forced to sit back and wait for the page to load. Now, if an ISP doesn’t provide the speed it promised then we have several ISP options to choose from. Slower internet speed is a factor that no customer is going to accept any longer.

Windstream, the ninth largest residential phone and internet service provider in the U.S., falls into that select category of companies that provides fiber internet at a reasonable price. Fiber internet is faster than its cable internet competitors and can transfer data in the blink of an eye. Fiber-optic internet service isn’t available in most cities, but in those cities where it is present, it offers lightning-fast speeds and is more reliable than copper and less sketchy than WiFi signals. In the future, it appears that fiber will eventually corner the broadband market.

Unfortunately, fiber-optics is readily available for businesses but isn’t available for all residential customers. But not to worry because Windstream has made a promise to provide fiber internet in all states where it provides services. Windstream Lexington Ky provides a number of amazing and affordable packages for all customers to enjoy. They recently launched fiber internet and now all Lexington residents can enjoy blazing-fast high-speed internet at an affordable price.

Below are a few amazing internet packages that Lexington residents can take advantage of:

Multi-User Internet Packages:

1. Premium Kinetic Internet

If you have multiple users and want to enjoy speedy internet on all your devices at everywhere in the house, then get Windstream’s Premium Kinetic Internet package which includes 50 Mbps and unlimited downloading. Now you can stream all your favorite TV shows online without the pain of buffering.

2. Enhanced Kinetic Internet

Enhanced Kinetic Internet delivers speeds up to 25 Mbps and is considered to be the best family package. Now you can sit your child in front of YouTube while you take care of all the household chores.

3. Standard Kinetic Internet

The Standard Kinetic Internet package provides speeds up to 15 Mbps and is perfect for the light users who only watch videos and check emails on their laptop.

Due to the lower latency and symmetric speeds, fiber internet is faster than cable broadband and people are making the switch to fiber whenever it’s available.

Windstream was known specifically for their residential phone service, but now they’ve grown and are known for their internet and TV services as well. Now they not only provide Kinetic internet but have collaborated with AT&T and are also providing DirecTV.

This means you can enjoy DirecTV just by subscribing to Windstream. Now you can save over 200 hours of your favorite TV shows and watch them when you’re bored with DirecTV’s Genie HD DVR.

Now, all of Lexington can enjoy fiber internet and HD TV with Windstream. Get one of these amazing packages today, but make sure to check the availability in your area.