Dez Bryant Wants to Stay in NFC East, Who is the Best Fit?

by Instagram: @dezbryant
by Instagram: @dezbryant

On Friday morning, the Dallas Cowboys informed Dez Bryant of their decision to release him. There are many contributing factors that have led to this point, but his lack of production has been a definite cause for concern among the Cowboys’ camp.

As for where Bryant will play next, he gave the Cowboys a hint as he left his final meeting with team officials.

So, Bryant wants to stay in the NFC East. Let’s take a look at which of the other three teams would serve as the best fit:

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles would be the obvious choice for Bryant if he’s looking to win a ring and rub it in the face of the Cowboys, but the money situation is a little tricky.

Philadelphia isn’t in the sexiest cap situation right now. They have less than $2 million available currently, but that doesn’t mean you should rule them out. There are plenty of money-saving options for the Eagles and they can restructure other contracts in the future.

But would the Eagles even want Bryant? They have been completely fine without him and also just signed free agent Mike Wallace a couple of weeks ago. Alshon Jeffery, Wallace and Nelson Agholor is already a pretty nice top three. If I’m the Eagles, I’m not going to throw money at Bryant with hopes that he will become a productive receiver again, especially considering my current financial situation.

That being said, it’s still completely possible if the Eagles decide they want him.

New York Giants

I blame all of the Giants troubles last season on the injury problems their receivers had. Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Brandon Marshall all missed significant time in 2017 and it caused the front office to doubt their Super Bowl-winning quarterback when in reality, Eli Manning had no one to throw the ball to.

The Giants definitely need a receiver and Bryant should be a guy that they call. I do wonder if Beckham Jr. and Bryant will be able to co-exist, and I wouldn’t want to add drama to an already tense situation between my star receiver if I’m the Giants.

I truly think the Giants aren’t yet sure of what’s going to happen with Beckham Jr. He’s due one of the biggest contracts in NFL history, and it’s a decision that will affect the future of the franchise for years to come. The Giants are trying to show patience, and I think signing another star receiver could potentially send the wrong message to Beckham Jr.

But, the Giants have the money and the need, Bryant most definitely could be a New York Giant in 2018.

The Washington Redskins

If I’m Bryant and I’m really mad at what transpired on Friday, my first call would be to the Cowboys’ biggest rival, the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins currently have the best cap situation in the NFC East, which will make life easier on Bryant’s agent, and they also have a need at receiver.

While they signed Paul Richardson in free agency, Josh Doctson and Jamison Crowder are the only recognizable names on the Redskins’ roster, and you know quarterback Alex Smith is going to want more toys to play with in his first season in Washington.

The Redskins have the need, the money and hate the Cowboys as much as Bryant probably does now. I think this is the most likely landing spot for Bryant to “throw up the X” in 2018.