Confusing Aspects of the Kawhi Leonard Trade

by Instagram: @kawhi_2_leonard
by Instagram: @kawhi_2_leonard

Early on Wednesday morning, the Kawhi Leonard drama finally came to an end, and in almost anticlimactic fashion.

Toronto? Really?

While the Raptors were the favorite to land Kawhi over the last week or so, there are still several aspects of this transaction that are … puzzling.

The offer

DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl and a protected first-round pick does not seem like enough for a consensus top-five player in the league, especially when you lose Danny Green too.

This is the offer the Spurs settle on after sending unrealistic proposals to the Lakers?

According to several reports, the Spurs wanted Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and a first round pick, or a combination of those assets. You have to think that with any other trade partner, the Spurs could have gotten more than they did from Toronto.

Raptors' future

Four hours before this trade was agreed to, Chris Haynes tweeted this out:

This is important because it means re-signing Kawhi after this season is going to be an uphill battle for Toronto. He's been very clear that he wants to be a Laker, and it's hard to imagine that Kyle Lowry will be enough to keep Kawhi in Canada.

While Kawhi is the best player in this deal, is having him as a rental for a year enough to make it worth upsetting one of the most celebrated players in franchise history in DeRozan?

This trade does make the Raptors better, but probably only for 2019.

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