Christian Hackenberg has the worst training camp start ever

by Instagram: @chackenberg1
by Instagram: @chackenberg1

It's easy to look too much into plays that happen in training camp, but quarterback Christian Hackenberg's first couple of plays as a Philadelphia Eagle are definitely some that he wants to forget.

The former Penn State star, who just signed with the Eagles two days ago, reported for practice on Tuesday and got his first chance to prove that he's worth a roster spot. He did everything but.

It's OK, it happens. Quarterbacks have to rebound from bad plays all the time. Just forget about it and make the play next time.

Yikes, that's definitely not a first impression you want to make on your new team.

Hackenberg was drafted No. 51 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft by the New York Jets. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders in May 2018, and waived the following month. We will see if he can rebound in Philadelphia's training camp and make the 53-man roster.