Brett McMurphy Thinks Urban Meyer Is Done At Ohio State

by Christian Petersen/Getty Images
by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

College football may be a month away, but on Wednesday, it's all anyone in the sports world was talking about.

Former ESPN college football reporter, Brett McMurphy, reported that Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer allegedly knew in 2015 of domestic abuse allegations against former Ohio State assistant coach, Zach Smith, who was fired last month.

The report, posted on McMurphy's Facebook page, included text messages between Smith's wife, Courtney, and Meyer's wife, Shelley, and pictures of Courtney's injuries as well.

Later that day, Stadium posted a video of Courtney discussing the domestic violence and her correspondence with Shelley. In the video, Courtney does not confirm that Meyer actually heard about the situation from his wife.

Meyer was placed on paid administrative leave that afternoon, and the school announced it would investigate Courtney's claims.

Many speculated about what this meant for Meyer and his future at Ohio State. Would he survive this scandal or would he be fired?

What really turned heads on social media was when odds were released on what would happen to Meyer:

The story picked up more and more steam throughout the day, and climaxed with McMurphy's interview with Scott Van Pelt on ESPN.

SVP ended the interview by asking McMurphy if Meyer would be Ohio State's coach this season, here's what he said:

I don't think so. I think the fact that he lied about knowing about these investigations is one thing, also in his contract, there is a clause that states that if he has any knowledge about Title IX violations, he is required to report those. He can be fired with cause for that.

That clause in Meyer's contract is a big deal because it means Ohio State can fire Meyer without any skin off of their backs; and Title IX violations aren't the only thing Meyer needs to be worried about, this lack of action could also violate Ohio State's sexual misconduct policy.

The bottom line of this story is that nothing was done, and if Meyer was aware of this situation, he should be fired.

McMurphy concluded the interview with this:

It doesn't matter that (Smith) wasn't arrested, if they knew about these allegations, it's their duty, it's the law, that they have to report those and forward those. I think that will be what ends Urban Meyer's career at Ohio State.