Fiber expansion joint—uses and benefits

Expansion joints composed of cellular fibers bonded together and saturated with asphalt to assure durability. A fiber expansion joint is meant to be a cost-effective joint filler because of its versatility, flexibility, resilient and non-extruding nature. It does not deform, twist or break when used to perform a simple job.

A fiber expansion joint is used for following purposes.

by James Olives
by James Olives

Uses of fiber expansion joint

Like most expansion joints fiber expansion joint can be used in making highways, runways, sidewalks, streets, apartment constructions, scores of commercial and others. It is also used for industrial applications, subjected to vehicular traffic or pedestrian places. Apart from being used by bridges, it is ideal to be used as expansion joint below the surface and prior to the placement of concrete. It is placed against the form. It should be installed half an inch under the surface to be able to accept the joint sealant.

The features and benefits of using a fiber expansion joint

• A fiber expansion joint is a suitable product for majority of expansion joint requirements meant for constructions.

• It is tough, lightweight, flexible, robust, easy to use, and are available in strips and shapes tailored according to the requirement.

• As described above, it is non-extruding, and versatile, and is able to offer seventy percent recovery after compression.

• It is easy to cut, and can adapt to the changing temperature of the world. It is dimensionally stable and does not break easily.

• When used in constructions, it provides nice and smooth transitions, without a requiring any excessive trimming.

• It can be punched for dowel bas and laminated to thickness greater than one inch.

From where can you buy a fiber expansion joint?

When you are in a construction business, it is necessary to have the right suppliers for reliability and quality products. Being new to the business, it is perceivable that you might not know the trusted suppliers and traders of the construction material especially the expansion joints, which is one of the most necessary parts of the process. It is a smart choice to go for online trading via an authentic source providing quality material to be used in construction. However, if you are not sure or knowledgeable about the authentic websites, you ca always opt for renowned B2B websites like Alibaba, eWorldTrade or more. These websites consists of registered and trusted manufacturers and suppliers who can provide you with authentic and quality material for your construction business.