Trade events and shows play a crucial role in the development of the economy of the country. As these trade fairs and events play a pivotal part in creating the employment and international investment opportunities. Not only that, these trade fairs contribute in acquainting the business and industrial sectors with the latest and recent developments and advancements.

These trade fairs provide a brilliant opportunity to evaluate the marketing trends and the upcoming competition in the market. One of the obvious advantage of these fairs is that they provide the business organizations with the opportunity to conduct person-to-person meeting with their potential buyers and customers which proves to be a cost-effective way of marketing and achieving your business objectives and goals. These trade fairs are unique platforms for promoting, marketing and publicizing your products to the participating and visiting company’s representatives. Such events might help you in partnering up with renowned and international business organizations and companies. To add to that, these trade events are the advanced and more appropriate way of doing business and trade in today’s modern and digital business world.

Trade fairs of year 2019:

The dates and locations of several china trade fairs of 2019 have already been announced. Listed below are some of the largest upcoming trade fairs of 2019:

· The 125th China import and export Fair 2019:

This trade fair will be held in the month of April 2019 at the China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. The expected dates of this trade fair are 15th-19th April, 23rd-27th April and 1st-5th May. This Canton fair is expected to showcase over 150,000 types and categories of Chinese products and foreign merchandises with distinguished features and qualities. This trade fair is one of th4e most comprehensive trade fair with the most diverse exhibit variety and the expansive distribution of foreign buyers and sellers along with the largest business and revenue turnover in China.

· Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2019:

This particular trade fair is organized by the Hong Kong trade Development Council (HKTDC). This trade fair will the 10th event held by this organization. The fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The announced dates of this trade event are 7th January 2019 to 10th January 2019. At this event the exhibitors will showcase amazing baby products such as bedding items and furniture, baby skincare and bathing products, healthcare and feeding products, disposable products, strollers, prams and etc. Not only that, this event also features the exhibits of high quality nursery and maternity products.

· Hong Kong International Stationery Fair 2019:

This will be the 19th stationery fair held and organized by the Hong Kong trade Development Council (HKTDC). This event is famous for being the largest sourcing event for several gift stationery, arts and crafts supplies, office supplies, printing goods, schools supplies and items, writing materials and tools and etc. This will be a 3-day trade fair from 7th January to 10th January.

· Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair 2019:

This trade fair is the Asia’s flagship trade fair of toys and games. The 45th toys fair will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from 7th January to 10th January 2019.

· CIFF 2019- International Furniture fair 2019:

This trade event will be held at the Poly World Trade Expo Center, Guangzhou. This will be the 43rd furniture fair held and organized by the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation (CFTE). The expected dates of this trade fair are 18th march- 21st march 2019. Showcasing all sorts and categories of furniture and home décor products the event will be held from 18th March to 21st March 2019.


Participating in the trade shows will not only help you in gaining several benefits for your business venture but it will also help in boosting the status and reputation of your products and brand. Mentioned above are some of the reputable trade shows and business platforms for improving the growth and profit rates of your business.