5 Unique Kinds of Video Animation Services

Among all the various kinds of video animation services, following are the five most unique kind of video animation services that most of the professional video animation company provides.

1. 2D & 3D Animations

The most common form of video animation is the 2D animations. The two-dimensional animated videos or 2D animated videos are considered to be the most traditional kind of animations, mostly used in the developing the cartoons. Every small or big video animation company provides the 2D video animation services. Since it has become too common, and the oldest kind of the animation, the use of 2D animation has been suppressed a little and 3D or three-dimensional animated videos had taken over the hype, and nowadays mostly used to create the cartooned features.

2. Whiteboard Animations

Another amazing kind of video animation service includes the whiteboard animations. It is not only used to gain the attention of the kids through cartooned characters but has also been proved as the most useful form of video animation in explaining different concepts in different professional sectors. They are used in presentations and advertisements to provide a visual representation of the thoughts to provide clarity to the audience.

3. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the use of motion text to tell the story or make some information lively so that the audience doesn’t miss it. It is not like only textual figures can be used in the kinetic typography; pictures can also be used to make the entire thing look more attractive. This type of video animation is mostly used in the advertisements or the marketing presentations and campaigns.

4. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is also a very unique and exceptional kind of the video animation services. It is mostly used in the professional corporate sector to provide their clients a clear visualization of the strategies and as well as the tactical approach of their products.

People in the education region also avail the motion graphics animation services to demonstrate their presentation topics to their audience. Motion graphics has proven itself to be the most useful type of animation in providing the clear concepts.

5. Logo Animation

The new and very unique kind of animation service that only a few video animation companies are providing is the logo animation services. Indeed, it is a unique thing for everyone, but not every video animation company is aware of this specific type of animation services. It is something that gives an extra perk to your brand’s logo and makes it more dynamic and eye-catching for the audience.