When should a child visit an orthodontist?

Most parents have a question lingering in their minds as to when their child visits an orthodontist? Should they get a regular check-up of their child’s teeth? Or should they consult an orthodontist only if they have some trouble? The answer to this may astonish many parents. Most recognised institutions suggest that all children should visit an orthodontist not later than age of seven.

by Jake slessor
by Jake slessor

Most of the parents may find the teeth of their child good and fine but they are not aware that there may be having shaping and growth issues also known as dentofacial orthopaedics which only a specialist like an orthodontist can uncover. In other words, a child’s emerging teeth, jaw shape and bone structure effect the appearance of the child when he/she grows up. Even slight issues in infancy may become complicated in the later years. These can be detected by a professional orthodontic without a x ray.

Most of the time, it is suggested that the pre-teens get regular check up every six months to one year to detect any issues in the preliminary stage itself. Early detection leads to early treatment so that the corrective measures give quick results. Many times, early treatment proves a boon, as many corrective measures cannot be taken after complete growth of the face and jaws.

A good orthodontist provides services more than just a beautiful smile. They help in the following ways:

  1. A good Orthodontist Bay Harbor 33154 helps to mentor the growth of the jaw.
  2. By regular check-up with the best orthodontist near Miami Shores the agony of protruded teeth is reduced.
  3. An affordable orthodontist helps to correct adverse oral habits.
  4. A good orthodontist nearby also helps to correct facial appearance.
  5. As the permanent teeth appear, an orthodontist in Biscayne Blvd positions it favourably if required
  6. An affordable orthodontist in Aventura help shape fully meeting of lips.
  7. Early check-up and diagnosis by an experienced orthodontist help to do away with corrective surgery.
  8. A good orthodontist helps early detection avoiding long treatments later.

Apart from the above benefits, regular check-ups with an orthodontist helps child to build a comfort level and trust with the orthodontist. The fear or phobia of potential treatment is reduced making the process more comfortable and easier specially if the child requires braces to be inserted. Nothing more is satisfying than your child’s beautiful smile. An orthodontist definitely helps to bring this small curve called smile on a child’s face making him/her more confident among his peers and help him face other challenges in his life courageously.

Though your child does not require any treatment, but regular check-ups will keep you stress free about the development and growth of your child’s teeth. Also, by getting advice from an orthodontist regarding the brushing and cleaning process of teeth, a sense of responsibility grows within a child towards dental hygiene.

A child becomes aware of the repercussions if teeth are not kept clean.