Importance of Maintaining Clean Working Space

Business owners tend to have so many things on their mind and the cleanliness of their workplace usually isn’t among them. However, there are quite a few reasons why you might want to make sure your working space is always as clean as possible. We came up with 5 of these you’ll definitely want to check out.

First impressions

Depending on what kind of work you do, your clients may get a chance to see your working space. And since first impressions really do count, the last thing you’d want to do is have your working space look miserable when it’s time to meet your clients. Dirty floors, outdated calendars and worn out sofas can tell any potential client that you’re not even capable of handling your own existing clients, let alone working with new ones. So, if you have any clients visiting your working space, make sure everything is sparkling clean before your meeting starts.

by Isla Wright
by Isla Wright

Happy employees

Another important thing you need to have in mind is that employees tend to perform better when working in tidy and well-organized workplaces. This is why you’d probably want to get rid of any clutter from their desks and make sure their working areas are as clean as possible. On top of this, many employees find their workplace to be their second home. Therefore, they’ll need the premises they work in to be as clean as possible. And since your employees a direct representation of your brand, keeping them happy is an absolute must.

Air quality

If you want your employees to be less stressed out and more productive, improving air quality in your office is a good idea. Of course, this means taking trash out as often as possible and ensuring there are enough windows in your working space. Moreover, you might want to look into the possibility of installing a ventilation system. If your company is still in its early days, you might not be able to afford this. In that case, introducing as many office plants as you can is a good alternative. Some of the best office plants you can opt for are Jade Plant and Spider Plant.

by Isla Wright
by Isla Wright


Equipment kept clean is equipment that lasts long. This rule applies to every piece of equipment you might have in your office such as phones, printers, PCs and industry-related machines. Of course, the only way keeping your equipment clean will be effective is if you do it right. This means you should think about investing in professional cleaning supplies and showing your employees exactly how to use them. Of course, having your equipment check out by professionals is also something you simply have to do.


Working in messy premises makes your employees more likely to suffer an injury which could hurt both your company and your employees. There are all kind of scenarios in which your employees might get hurt simply because they’re not working in a clean environment. For example, if your premises are full of empty cardboard boxes, these might prevent your employees from seeing the emergency escape plan in case of a fire. Moreover, clutter on the floor of your working space poses a fall risk which is definitely something you’ll want to eliminate.

It’s one thing to wish you had a clean working space, but it’s another to actually make it happen. Start by making small adjustments to the way your office is being ran and soon you’ll notice your working space becoming cleaner. If you don’t know how to get started, creating a to-do list and making sure you follow each point is a great way to do so.