Has the NFL solved the national anthem kneeling issue?

by Scott Piker
by Scott Piker

When the 2018 NFL season gets underway, there will be a new policy in place during the playing of the anthem.

Wednesday afternoon, the league owners unanimously approved the new policy during its meetings in Atlanta. The new policy requires all players to stand for the anthem if they are on the field. Players do have the option to remain in the locker room until the end of the anthem and then take the field.

The kneeling controversy took center stage during the 2017 NFL season. League owners and commissioner Roger Goodell knew that something had to be done before the start of the 2018 season.

As for the players association, they will look over the policy to see if works with the collective bargaining agreement.

Teams will be subject to a fine if any player or team representative is on the field and not standing during the playing of the anthem.

So what does this mean for the game itself? Is it back to football when the season gets underway? Or will this decision just create more controversy surrounding the National Football league? Only time will tell.

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