Tina sat on the couch with Roger and Donna. She leaned her head on his chest. Donna was smiling. About the same time, Dakota came and sat down with Jill and I. She stretched her legs out across both of our laps. Instinctively I began rubbing her soft, lithe feet.

Jill leaned into her asking if she had a good time in the other limo.

“Yeah, it was ok. They’re boys, not men.”

My cock began to stir. I just don’t know what it is about Dakota that gets me in the mood but, touching her doesn’t take much to make the animal stir. I love my wife and she is gorgeous, but the smallish body and the insatiable sexual attitude make Dakota dynamite in a package waiting for the fuse to be lit.

“Damn Jill, how did you get so lucky? He gives great foot massages…. among his list of wonderful qualities. David, do you have maybe a twin brother?”

“No brother. Only child. Jill is a wonderful soul, she was taught to share.” I said.

Jill was keeping silent. “Jill, Hun, care to comment?” I said with a cheesy smile.

“No, so far you haven’t said anything that I disagree with. Look at them over there…Roger and Donna have put Tina in the middle of their Tina sandwich. Wonder who’s going to take the first bite?”

“My money is on Roger. I think he’s sweet on her. Young, beautiful, insatiable sex drive a powerful combination, powerful indeed.” David said.

Dakota spoke up, “My money is on Tina. I think that they underestimate her drive. The three of us have played with her so you all know what I’m talking about.”

One of the boys from Diane’s crew turned around in his seat, “Dakota, you mean that you’ve played with David and Jill? That’s HOT!”

“And Tina, and Roger, and Donna, and you, and your friend next xxx movies to you. Care to know anything more that is none of your business?” Dakota snapped.

Wow! Here’s a side of Dakota we had not seen much of since her joining us.

I got to say, it was sexy, damn sexy. It gave me a new perspective on her that I didn’t realize that she even possessed. I thought about all the trolls who would try to use her youth against her. The predators who would think that because she is young, she must be naïve. Oh. would they find out different. This kitty has claws, sharp ones at that!

With the flight from LA to Vegas being one hour, usually not enough time to get busy. Although, Diane did try to give a guy in her crew a blowjob. Still got to work on that one, I thought to myself.

Marcus and Dr. Ronda were hitting it off quite well. He had his hand up her skirt. While we could not see what was going on, Ronda’s head writhing back and forth gave us all a good idea.

Jill surprisingly began rubbing Dakota’s leg. She was working her way towards Dakota’s pussy. I could see thru her shorts that she had no underwear on, not that she ever wore panties. As Jill reached the edge of her shorts, she slipped her fingers inside. Jill begin to rub Dakota’s pussy. Watching, my cock began to get hard. Dakota felt the rising manhood and wiggled her heel on my cock.

I was horny, frustrated, and now Dakota was teasing me. My cock ached. Jill was working Dakota’s pussy as I heard her breathing begin to change. The guy that got verbally slapped by Dakota could not take his eyes off her and Jill. I guess he had enough and unzipped his own pants to begin manual satisfaction. The guy sitting next to him unexpectedly reached over and began to help by stroking his buddy.

Diane’s friend, Amy, got up and walked over to our couch. She explained that she felt ‘left out’.

“Then come join us, there’s plenty of room.” I told her love porn.

“What do you like…err…. what would you like?” Amy asked.

“Um, to get you naked and eat you until you scream for me to stop.”


“Yes, why would anyone lie about that?” I replied.

In a hushed tone, she whispered in my ear, “No one has ever done that to me.”

“Really? You’re kidding me, right?”

Sheepishly she said, “no”.

I pushed Dakota’s feet off my lap. I reached for Amy and began undoing her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I stood up. I hadn’t really noticed her as she was just ‘one of Diane’s crew’. The top of her head barely touched my chin. She was short, however she was a bigger gal.

Putting my arms around her and guiding her to the couch where I was sitting. I slipped my fingers inside of the waistband of her panties. Kneeling in front of her I slid her panties off her bum. I could smell her sex. I could see her wetness. Clearly, she was excited.

As I lowered my head towards her womanhood, I heard her hold her breath. “Relax Amy.” I said to her before tasting her wonderful woman juice. I ran my tongue from the top of her slit down to the bottom. I kept licking her slit, occasionally nibbling on her labia. She began moaning. I didn’t take my eyes off her cute face. She tasted delicious. Her wetness increased with each lick of my tongue.

With my left hand, I angled it such that my thumb began rubbing her clit. I felt her hips move in synch with my thrusting tongue. I hardened my tongue and began tongue-fucking her love hole. I thrust it deeper and deeper into her. Her wetness began coming in volumes as she was having orgasm after orgasm.

Her moaning getting louder with each guttural sound coming from her throat.

“Oh, my fucking gawd! Whatever you do, please don’t stop.” Amy begged.

I increased my intensity of my oral invasion into her womanhood. I began nibbling on her clit. I switched back and forth between her clit and her slit. She was cumming in continuous succession.

Jill stopped playing with Dakota to passionately kiss Amy. She put her hand inside of Amy’s cute blouse pinching her nipples through her bra.

I felt her body tense up. I felt the splash of her love juice all over my face and tongue. I lapped it up as furiously as I could.


I heard Dakota comment, “Gawd that is sexy.” Jill whispered into her ear, “Amy, you look so beautiful when you cum on my husband’s face. We want you to join us in our suite tonight.”

I smiled into her pussy as I kept licking her.

As second big orgasmic wave crashed over her, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME? PLEASE DON’T STOP!” Amy said loudly.

One of the boys that was involved in the mutual masturbation grunted and expelled his man juice on the leg of the guy jacking him off. As the first guy erupted, the second guy tried to scramble down fast enough to catch some of it in his mouth. Most of the spunk landed on his leg, but a couple of ropes of man juice made it into his mouth before he engulfed his friend’s cock to clean it off.

I heard Tina, “Holy Hell, that was sexy!”

I wasn’t sure if she was referring to Amy and myself or to the guys. Guess I’ll have to ask her later.

I kept licking Amy. Jill kept kissing Amy passionately. Now, even Dakota joined in. Dakota shed her shorts and climbed up on the back of the couch positioning her sweet snatch over Amy’s face. She lowered her pussy down to Amy. I watched as her tongue invaded Dakota. I thought to myself at that moment, which one tastes better?

I heard moaning behind me, but I wasn’t going to stop doing what I love doing to a woman. Jill leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Darling, I invited Amy to join us tonight in our suite. Think she’ll cum?” Jill was now just teasing me. She leaned into me and kissed my cheek, twisting a delicate finger into my ear.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Captain Johnson. We’ve begun our decent into McCarran Airport. We should be on the ground in less than 10 minutes.”

That announcement brought everyone back to reality. Sex and lust would have to wait until we get to the hotel. I stopped my oral assault. I stood up and looked around. Roger and Donna had been working on Tina, but now all three were reassembling themselves.

Marcus was also on his knees again. He put Ronda’s panties back on her and pulled her skirt down from her waist.

Diane and Paula had been tag-teaming the third boy. Paula was sitting on his face while Diane was riding his fat cock. I saw cum running down Diane’s leg as she removed herself from the impalement. Paula, however, was in another dimension as she kept riding the young boys face, grinding herself through another orgasm. Donna got up off the couch to gently shake Paula. “Hey, Paula, we’re landing. You got to stop now.” Everyone chuckled…. everyone except Paula who was embarrassed.

I heard the landing gear lock into place. Amy grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly telling me, “I don’t like this part. It scares me.” I switched hands with her and put my arm around her and hugged her tightly. “Thank you” she said quietly.

Everyone was put back together as the wheels of the jet touched down.

“Is everyone ready for a delightful weekend?” I asked rhetorically. I kissed Amy on her forehead saying, “I hope you take Jill up on our invite to join us in our suite.”

I looked around the cabin of the jet. Everyone was busy chatting with whomever was sitting next to them.

Dakota and Tina were the first to leave their seats. Others quickly followed getting up and stretching their legs. The flight had only been slightly more than an hour yet with all the sexual escapades people needed to stretch.

The door to the cockpit opened and Co-pilot Emilio went to the hatch doorway. He opened it and advanced the stairs to the asphalt below. He stood by the doorway and said his goodbyes as everyone deplaned.


The ride to the hotel was divided between two limousines. I let everyone choose which car they wanted to ride in. One car was white. One car was all black.

Roger asked, “Which one are you and Jill riding in?”

“I don’t know. We really didn’t plan this part out. Guess we’ll get into one that has room available.” I explained.

I did notice a couple of things as everyone piled into one of the limos. First thing I noticed was the two boys were now walking hand in hand. Second, Marcus had his arm around Ronda. Third, Roger and Donna were holding hands and kissing every so often, much like a boyfriend/girlfriend. John, the gay I liked from Diane’s crew had his arms around Diane and Paula. He reminded me of ‘Collin, God of Sex’ from “Love Actually” complete with that never say die attitude. That left our two assistants and Amy. They stood outside the white limo. They decided to climb into that car.

Roger and Donna chose the black limo. Jill and I followed our assistants into the white limo. The doors were closed and off we headed to the Palm Resort Hotel.

Amy didn’t stray more than an arm’s length from me. Jill whispered into my ear, “Looks like you have a new disciple. She doesn’t seem to want to leave your side. Guess you’re going to have to make her join the club.” She kissed me and leaned back into her seat.

Dakota, Tina, Marcus and Ronda were all chatting about what they wanted to do while here.

As we pulled into the Palms, the look on everyone’s face was one of amazement. Our limo came to a stop and our door opened by a valet with a bellman holding a gold luggage cart waiting to be filled.

The other limo stopped behind us and they were getting the same treatment.

The bellman welcomed us to the Palms. He asked the name the reservation was under, “Jaxson’s Incorporated.” I replied.

“Yes, sir. Your three penthouse suites are all prepared for you and your guests.” The bellman said something into his walkie-talkie and before we all could get assembled, a smiling young lady in Palms attire asked whom David was and whom was Jill. We waved her over to us.

“Mr. and Mrs. Greene, your three suites are ready. Fully stocked bars and kitchens. We have a chef and a masseuse standing by at your beckon. Our two limousines are available to use 24 hours a day. Are you and your guests ready to head to your suites?”

“Yes, we are.” I replied.

Our suite hostess gave Jill and I three packages. One for each suite. Inside held the electronic keys, call numbers for parts of the hotel, and the number of the suite hostess available anytime day or night.

She also went on to tell us that the keys in Suite 1 worked on the doors of all three suites, but the keys to suites 2 & 3 only open doors to those respective suites gay pornb.

I thanked her. She, with her master key card, unlocked the door to Suite 1. Jill and I followed her into the suite. The rest of our guests followed in as well. We heard a lot of gasps, ‘wows’ and ‘oh my gawds’ from everyone.

Suite 1 was about as impressive as anyone could imagine. 3650 square feet of lavish decadence. A two-bedroom masterpiece that had a game room, two king-sized beds in each bedroom, a grand hot tub that overlooks the city, a pool table, a full island-kitchen, and a fireplace. The bedding was Egyptian cotton, the very best available. The suite hostess said it is designed to sleep 8 but could entertain, for party purposes, up to 75.

She went on to ask the group if they wanted to see the other two suites. The hostess kept calling them Penthouses. but I called them suites.

The whole group followed the hostess to number 2. I leaned into Roger and Donna’s ear telling them this would be the suite that they would be in, having consenting guests as they see fit. Donna kissed me followed by her kissing Jill.

The second suite was a bit smaller than the first one. It was ‘only’ 3120 square feet of elegant decadence. Suite three was the smallest of them all, a mere 3000 square feet.

The hostess asked if there was anything, she could get us. I asked for dinner reservations but not their best restaurant. I wanted to save that dining experience for tomorrow night. She said she would take care of it for us. All she wanted to know was when and for how many. I gave her the requested information and she left.

The whole gang was standing with their mouths open looking at the lavish digs. Finally, my favorite, John said, “Fuck me! …. This is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. If it were a woman, I would marry it.” Everyone bust out laughing, but he wasn’t far off. Virtually everyone there felt the same way, he was the only one that had enough balls to voice it out loud.

Jill finally broke the silence by saying, “OK, everyone we have all had a wonderful evening thanks to my husband David. Suite 1 will be the one David and I will occupy. We would like to invite our two assistants, Tina and Dakota to stay with us. In addition, we would like to invite Amy and John to join us as well. In Suite 2 that will be Roger and Donna’s suite with suite 3 going to Marcus and Ronda. If I didn’t say your name, I would like those left to ask either Roger/Donna or Marcus/Ronda if you may stay with them. All of these suites sleep 8 so there is no way we don’t have enough room for everyone.”

I stood there thinking to myself. My mind drifted off back to the business world. How do we take a rather normal, under performing company to be a strong force in the corporate community? So far, my attention has been to establish the limo companies, The Pinetree, and choosing primary people that I could depend on to form our cabinet……. our cabinet……our cabinet. The words stuck in my head. From that thought, I decided we needed a campaign like that of our current President. He ran with the slogan, “Make America Great Again!”. Like him or not, it drew a sentiment that converted millions of votes. In my own head, I thought, why not borrow the idea and revise it to fit our company…. “Make Jaxson’s Inc. Great Again!”