Top 10 Offensive Lineman Entering 2018 NFL Season

by Glenn Kaplan
by Glenn Kaplan

Depending who you ask, games are won on the offensive line. If teams don't win the line of scrimmage, they will get destroyed. The offensive line might be the most important position in the NFL. They allow quarterbacks to have time in the pocket and they allow running backs to crack through the holes. Who are the top 10 offensive lineman entering the 2018 NFL season?

10. Nate Solder, Tackle, New York Giants: Solder has been one of the best blindside blockers in the NFL for a long time. He has been very reliable and Solder rarely gives up a sack. Nate Solder has been blocking for Tom Brady's blindside for the last decade and now he will be blocking Eli Manning's blindside. Solder is an upgrade at left tackle for the New York Giants.

9. David Baktiari, Tackle, Green Bay Packers: Baktiari is **a mauler for the Green Bay Packers. They haven't had a strong offensive line in recent years, but he has been the most consistent player on the offensive line for the Packers. Baktiari had been blocking Aaron Rodgers's blindside.

8. Travis Frederick, Center, Dallas Cowboys: Frederick is the best signal caller in the game on the offensive line. He is very good at pointing what's coming on the defensive end. Frederick is a mauler and he is a part of a terrific offensive line in Dallas.

7. Trent Williams, Tackle, Washington Redskins: Williams was one of the strong links on the Redskins offensive line last season. He only played in 10 games because of injury, but when Williams went down with injury, the Washington Redskins offensive line was lost. He is another important blind side tackle in the NFL. Williams is big and physical.

6. Andrew Whitworth, Tackle, Los Angeles Rams: Whitworth made the Rams offensive line a lot better a season ago. He was the the Cincinnati Bengals before then and the Bengals offensive line took a hit without him in 2017. The Rams offense was a lot better, because of his presence. Todd Gurley was able to run much better and Jared Goff was able to have time in the pocket. Whitworth is also a blindside tackle.

5. Lane Johnson, Tackle, Philadelphia Eagles: Johnson was the heart and soul up front for the Philadelphia Eagles. He mainly played right tackle, but when Jason Peters went down, Johnson moved to left tackle. Johnson is a versatile and strong offensive lineman. He has a mean streak and Johnson makes the Eagles offense better.

4. Taylor Lewan, Tackle, Tennessee Titans: Lewan has a mean streak and he doesn't like his opponents. Lewan has been a beast ever since he has gotten into the NFL. He is also a mauler in the run game. The Titans like running plays to his side because they know how tough he is. Lewan gives his running backs a big enough hole to get them through. He also gives his quarterback time in the pocket.

3. Zack Martin, Guard, Dallas Cowboys: When Martin was drafted in the 2014 NFL Draft, I didn't think he was going to be special. It turns out that I was wrong and he is one of the best offensive lineman in the league. Zack Martin is a terrific run blocker. He is always in the right position at the right time, because his fundamentals are very good. Zack Martin is a part of an elite offensive line in Dallas.

2. David DeCastro, Guard, Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers had one of the best offenses in the NFL in the 2018 season. DeCastro was one of the anchors on that offensive line. He is a fabulous pulling guard. David DeCastro's athletic ability on the offensive line is vital.

1. Tyron Smith, Tackle, Dallas Cowboys: Smith is the best offensive lineman in the league. He is a hard nosed tackle and Smith gets up in opponents faces. The Dallas Cowboys struggled offensively when Tyron Smith was not on the field. Dak Prescott would be under pressure all game long from the left side when Smith was out compared to when he is not.