Is the Carson Wentz era Ticking in Philadelphia?

by Glenn Kaplan
by Glenn Kaplan

When the Philadelphia Eagles were 6-7 heading into Week 15, a lot of people thought the Eagles season was toast with Carson Wentz going down with a back injury. Nick Foles was inserted to the lineup once again. Philadelphia has won four consecutive games ever since being plugged into the lineup.

They defeated the Chicago Bears in the Wild Card Round. The Philadelphia Eagles will be on the road next Sunday evening in the Divisional Round against the New Orleans Saints. The last time those teams met, the Saints destroyed them 48-7 in Week 11.

I find it hard to imagine that Philadelphia will find a way to win this game. Wentz was the quarterback then and you can't possibly tell me that Foles is a 38-point difference. I understand the fact that the defense was a lot worse then and it is playing better now. If the Eagles somehow win next week, is it time to wave the white flag on the Carson Wentz era in Philadelphia?

A lot of people are split on the Wentz and Foles debate. Nick Foles is 29 years old. He won Super Bowl MVP last season and what if he does it again this season? How could you trade a quarterback that could possibly lead you to back-to-back championships? Foles can't be paid $20 million and sit on the bench. He would have earned to right to be the starter now and years to come.

As for Carson Wentz, he is already 26 years old. It is not like he is only 23 years old. Wentz is showing a history of injuries. What is interesting is that he was the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. Wentz is very athletic and he is also a franchise quarterback. He is also under contract for the 2019 season. Wentz has a club option in his contract for the 2020 season.

Carson Wentz was one of the reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles started the season 12-1 in 2017 before he tore his ACL against the Los Angeles Rams on the road. Wentz was on his way to winning MVP that season.

This could be one of the most toughest quarterback decisions in NFL history. For right now, the Eagles are enjoying this ride.

Wentz has been an excellent teammate to Foles. Here is an interesting thought. Would Nick Foles mind being the backup to Carson Wentz for the rest of his career? The way his personality is, I don't think he would mind. The Eagles will explore the trade market for Nick Foles this offseason, but they might have to hold back if he wins them another Super Bowl.

If the Philadelphia Eagles lose next week, I don't think they will trade Carson Wentz. If they win next week, all bets are off.