Are the Pittsburgh Steelers Starting to Crack?

by Glenn Kaplan
by Glenn Kaplan

The Pittsburgh Steelers haven't won a Super Bowl in nearly a decade and when the year turns 2019, it will be exactly one decade when the Steelers last won the Super Bowl. They were eliminated in the Divisional Round at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars last season. Many people thought head coach Mike Tomlin was going to lose his job, but he is still around for now.

The Steelers are under immense pressure to win it all this season. Pittsburgh already has quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in concussion protocol and that's not a good sign. He hasn't been in concussion protocol since 2015 and is this a sign that the Pittsburgh Steelers are starting to crack?

Well if Roethlisberger isn't ready to go Week 1, Landry Jones, rookie Mason Rudolph, or Josh Dobbs will be the starter. They all have there issues. Another issue the Pittsburgh Steelers face is will running back Le'Veon Bell be ready to suit up the first game? He hasn't shown up to camp at all and Bell is on the final year of his contract. It is very possible that this is the last year he is in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.

If he is not ready to go, James Connor will be the starting running back. He can't catch out of the backfield like Bell can and Connor isn't as explosive. The second running back would be Stevan Ridley.

A couple of other problems with the Pittsburgh Steelers is that they aren't disciplined well by head coach Mike Tomlin and they have no clue how to beat the New England Patriots. If the Steelers don't reach the Super Bowl this season, Mike Tomlin probably won't be the Steelers head coach in 2019.

Pittsburgh's other problem is their defense. They have no true leader on that defense without linebacker Ryan Shazier. Pittsburgh felt his absence ever since his serious injury against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road in Week 14 of last season. The Steelers secondary gets burned a lot. Pittsburgh will have to rely a lot on getting a pass rush and stopping the run but if they can't get that right, it will be a long year defensively for them.

The only reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers won't crack entirely because they play in a weak AFC North and a weak AFC overall. Pittsburgh will still win 10 games anyways, but if they were in the NFC, I wouldn't like their odds for the postseason in 2018. If the Steelers miss the playoffs this season, their will be major changes.