The Fuckboy Retreat ✨

First off what is a fuckboy and why do females use the term so frequently? Well I and the millions of women whom have used this term can give you the answer. ITS BECAUSE THESE NIGGAS SHIT!!! Now 1st off, there's no real definition of a fuckboy. Fuckboy comes in many different shapes and sizes. But once one is labeled a fuckboy, THERE IS NO COMING BACK FROM THAT SHIT!!! It doesn't matter. You could try and apologize and send her stuff, maybe post her on social media, finally get her attention that she deserves. But listen, once a fuckboy always a fuckboy. And ladies, I'm gonna give you the lethal steps of how to get over a fuckboy.

      1st, take a deep breath and accept the situation. Before you start your glo up, you have to be good in the head. Your mental state is the most important  thing because it's on your discretion if you wanna fuck with him or not. DISCLAIMER: IF YOU ARE GOING TO GO BACK TO HIM, DO NOT READ THIS AT ALL!!! (now let's continue) 

   Now there are many fuckboys out there, but Ima categorize my top 4. There's the fuckboy who's broke but flashy on social media. Hence the "Clout Fuckboy". The Clout Fuckboy is the one that's always on social media flashing his expensive items. But in reality, they broke asf. The ones that brag about riches but not rich in the heart. 

  Next up, we have the "Fraudboy". The Fraudboy are basically the ones who lead you on. The ones that gas your head up into believing that you and him would go far into a commitment with no true intentions of ever being with you. They are the true definition of fraudulence. 

     Right after the "Fraudboy", comes the "Male Thotlers". Now the "Male Thotlers" is when a male acts more like his shoe size than his age. He's immature and usually acts like your the mom and he's the kid.  This nigga is not and will not be productive at ALL. He will always depend on you for EVERYTHING. He expects to be cradled. These are the niggas that you need to hold and burp

        Last but it least we have the "Bitch Nigga". This nigga is the Hercule of Fuckboys. He usually has one of 2 base characteristics. #1- He will not defend you. For example, your in a situation where your in target and a man was being disrespected. DO NOT BY ALL MEANS EXPECT THIS NIGGA TO FIGHT FOR YOU. You have a better chance of popping on him yourself & #2- Now say your get your own place,right?  He's the type to dictate your household as if it was his. This nigga is the type to dictate your household as if it was his. This nigga is the type to not contribute anything in the house, but will bring his dirty ass friends and some dusty bitch to the crib like it's his.

        Remember, you only allow what you will continue and always stay fuckboy-free. Sometimes it will get toxic, but learn to let go. ✨