So Christmas is over, now what?

The excitement and business of Christmas has come and gone. For those that know me, they would know how upsetting the end of this festive time is for me. I am a fully fledged Christmas freak.

The lights have turned off and been packed away with the decorations, the Christmas tree has been taken down and placed in its box. No longer will I be dressed head to toe in festive gear, my pjs will suddenly be more bunnies than snowflakes. My earrings will be pretty flowers once more instead of Santa’s and candy canes.

My bedding won’t feel so snug and merry.

Christmas has been packed away. Everything has been put in its box and confined to the loft space and airing cupboard. Hidden away for the next 10/11 months.

So, what’s next?

Do I dwell and bask in the typical January Blues? Or do I use this month as a stepping stone into the new year and towards a better me and a better year?

Well, I choose the latter, of course!

Even though I will have my blue moments, I am accepting those as being ok too! We all have our blue moments- it’s only natural. But I am going to try incredibly hard not to dwell on them. To allow those sad moments to come and go and try and use the new year to be the motivation I need to work on a better and brighter future.

So what does that entail for me?

Well first, I need to give the house one massive de clutter. I have already moved the furniture around in the lounge, gotten rid of a sofa and gained an armchair. My goal is to have a clear out, decorate our bedrooms and the kitchen. Then once spring is here, I want to update my garden. I have my work cut out and after hours of painting yesterday, I realise that it is going to be a long process, but it will be worth it. It is amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do and a sort out.

Secondly, I want to be more mindful. About everything. I want to enjoy life and appreciate the simple things like a soak in a hot glorious bubble bath, or going on a nature walk with my little boys. I want to worry less. Especially about friendships. I spend far too long pondering about friends from the past or even present friends that I put too much pressure on myself. It’s normal and natural to have friendships dwindle into the past. I need to stop thinking that it’s something personal. All I can be is myself. It’s about time I stop worrying about bending over backwards and being someone else just to please others. At the end of the day, those who are meant to stay and want to stay, will. And those that want to meet up will put that effort in. Those true friends will appreciate me as I am. And even if I don’t get to see a friend each week or even each month, it will be far better to have truer friendships than false ones that hurt constantly.

Another goal is to figure out my next move from September. Ideally I will find something suitable from home, but who knows what the future holds? I am soon going to find out! The good thing is that I have lots of ideas and I have a dream that I am willing to chase before I settle.

Lastly, I want to lose just short of 2 stone. And with Christmas chocolates and goodies still littering my kitchen cupboards, I am going to need a lot of willpower to start shedding the pounds! So far, I am one pound down. And I have eaten copious amounts of biscuits today trying to tackle my job list…. so I won't be celebrating that small victory just yet.

So Christmas is over. But January is here. It is now. And it is time to start working towards my goals, instead of basking in the blues.